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It was a busy day today.  I made it to an appointment and ran some errands.  I went through [Main Line town], and part of the main road near it had a lane blocked off, and people working on the power lines.  It's the same town I went through last week.  It seems to have been hit pretty hard as far as electricity went.

I went to the grocery store.  I didn't have the grocery list with me.  Dad went later, and he had the list.

I saw the teaser for this week's episode of Glee.  Sue says transphobic things.  I don't remember her being so rough on Kurt, although she did call him "lady" for a while, until he said that was bullying.  Sue was the one who outed Kurt to all of New Directions, by making him answer to "Gay Kid" in "Throwdown."  He was assumed to be gay anyway, and none of the glee club members treated him any differently than they had.  Some of them still treated him badly, but there wasn't a difference in the ND members' treatment of him.  I don't think there was any difference in how Will treated Kurt, either.

From what I remember, Sue said casually homophobic things, and misgendered Kurt to the same level as many of the students did.  She didn't seem to be any meaner to him than she was to anyone else.  Maybe it's that some of the people that I correspond with online will likely be triggered by what Sue says to Unique.  Unique is a sympathetic enough character, though I'm not sure she was presented as sympathetically as Kurt was.
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