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Monday so far

I conked out at two-something last night, and woke before eleven this morning.  It lets me get some daylight.  We've gotten over four inches of rain here already, and the storm is still two hundred miles offshore.  It looks like the New Jersey shore will be heavily hit.  We're a couple of hours inland, and we live on a small hill.  We live in the Delaware Valley (the valley of the Delaware River), so I expect there will be some flooding of creeks and rivers around the area.  There are flood warnings up for a number of counties in New Jersey, several counties in Pennsylvania, and I think all of Delaware.

I told A. our preparations, and asked if he thought there was anything else we could do at this point.  He worked in ham radio, helping out the weather service, for a while.  He probably has some idea of what to do in various weather conditions.

Later: The lights flickered around 1:30 p.m., so I turned off the computer for a while.  They haven't flickered again as of 4:00 p.m., though the rain has continued.  The storm is expected to make landfall in southern New Jersey tonight.  New Jersey is a heavily populated state.  It's supposed to hit the Philadelphia area sometime tonight as well.  Mom was watching the weatherpeople on the news for several hours.

I put a glowstick at the top of the stairs.  The hallway is very dim there even in the daylight, though it's bright enough with the lights on.  I have quite a number of glowsticks left.  I'll put glowsticks in various rooms tonight.

P. called to see how I was doing.  She said her lights were flickering, too.  She was trying to get dinner done early in case they went out.  J. texted me.  He said they were getting heavy rain and strong winds in Baltimore.

I read about a hundred pages in Seven for a Secret.  I didn't think I'd be in much of a mood to read books today, but I got into it pretty quickly.

Later still: The lights flickered again at 4:15, and have flickered every so often between then and now (8:00 p.m.).  I have candles and glowsticks in several rooms of the house, and a couple of flashlights in my room.  The heavy rain and the winds kept going for a few hours.  I watched a couple hours of weather news on TV.

I started reading Lord of the White Hell, Book One.

Later: I finished Lord of the White Hell, Book One.  Absolutely nothing was resolved.  I'm glad I have book two, because I hope that all those many things left hanging in book one are resolved.
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