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Sunday so far

I went to sleep a bit after 3:00 a.m., and woke at 11:30 a.m.  There hasn't been all that much of Sunday for me so far.  However, we're supposed to get the leftover effects of a hurricane sometime late Sunday or Monday, and I wanted to get an entry in, in case power went out later.

I am using Calibre to change the formats of some books I want to read.  I'd gotten many in PDF form before I had an e-reader, and gotten more after that in e-pub form before I realized that you couldn't print out books in e-pub form.  So I am changing books in PDF to e-pub and books in e-pub to PDF.  I like that feature of Calibre.

I'll add to this entry later, if I can, of what books I've read today.

Later: Mom and I went to the produce place.  Mom went to three grocery stores this morning, so we're pretty well stocked on food.  I would have gone with her to some of them had I been awake.  However, she seemed happy enough with having done the shopping.

It's been raining lightly here, and it's starting to rain a bit more heavily.  I'm charging my phone, e-readers, and other electronics.  Not that I'll be able to see to read if the power goes out, but I'll have my iPod to listen to.  We're supposed to stay off the roads Monday and Tuesday.

I cut the half-open flower off the mystery pink rose.  Dad went outside long enough to put away things that could blow around in the wind.  We have a table outside, and he put bags of topsoil on it to hopefully hold it down.  The table is pretty lightweight.  I think he put the chairs in the shed.  We debated what to do with the grill, but it's fairly heavy and has a cover on it.

I have the flashlight I usually use in the halls at night, so as not to turn on overhead lights when the parental units are sleeping.  I found my Mag-Lite, and I have a large collection of candles.  I want to fill some gallon jugs with water.  We have four gallons of spring water, but I want tap water to use for washing and such if we need it.

Update: We had six gallons of spring water, and one more gallon jug.  I filled the empty gallon jug with tap water.  We have a gas stove, so we can still use the burners if the power goes out.  I guess we're relatively prepared.

Later still: I transferred a gallon of tea to two half-gallon jugs, and put tap water in the empty gallon jug.

I read Half Pass.  I described it on AE.  Paul was interested in Estevan, but Estevan was deeply closeted.  Octobercountry of AE is a fan of Astrid Amara's, but has called closeted characters self-loathing before.  He called Jake Riordan of the Adrien English Mysteries self-loathing, which was accurate enough.  He had read up through A Dangerous Thing at that point.  I told him to not to expect things to get happier in the romance department in The Hell You Say, but that it was a good mystery, or words to that effect.  I know that "good mystery" was in there.  I pointed out when Death of a Pirate King was offered free for a day or so.  I think it was an ARe promo.  Octobercountry picked that up.

I had riding lessons as a child, and read a lot about horses.  I was interested in the setting of the book being a stable.  Estevan kept me guessing even more than he kept Paul guessing.  Paul forgave Estevan for things very easily.  I've read m/m romances before where a character is closeted one day and then comes out as in a happy relationship the next.  In real life, guys who come out are more likely to be like the proverbial "kid in a candy shop" for a few months or years, so I've heard.  It's one thing when a book isn't supposed to be realistic, but aspects of Half Pass seemed to be quite realistic.  Paul liked Estevan more than I did.  Not that it wasn't a good book, but I had mixed feeling about some developments.

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