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Friday so far

I slept from probably about 4:00 a.m. to noon, which is better than I have been doing.

I ran a couple of errands.  I went to the library and got the seventh and eighth books in the John the Lord Chamberlain books again, and will try to read them this week.

I remembered to wear purple for Spirit Day, but I doubt that anyone I saw was aware of the significance.

I want to work on some editing for a job that is due Thursday.  I've already done the first read-through.

I read half of Kimberly Gardner's Too Soon For Love last night.  I'm going to try to finish that this week, too.

I wish I'd saved this quote, so I knew whether I remembered it exactly, but I've been thinking of it again these past few days: ".003% of characters on U.S. television are Asian/Pacific Islander, and most of them are on Glee."  I think the Glee part was meant to be sardonic, but the small percentage was probably literal.  It was more the spirit of it.  Since then, Brittany said that her favorite color was "Filipino" and explained why.  I haven't heard of backlash.  People noticed, and I thought it bent the fourth wall.  I'm pretty sure there would have been backlash if the cast didn't include a Pinoy actor.  It's my opinion that Glee gets away with a lot because of the diversity of the actors and characters.  Also, there's some of what TV Tropes calls "Refuge in Audacity."

It occurs to me that Brittany would have met Sunshine.  Sunshine mostly interacted with Rachel, but she saw all of season two's New Directions in "Night of Neglect."  Rachel was still not meant to be a sympathetic character in the beginning of season two, considering how racist and xenophobic she was towards Sunshine in "Audition."  Various characters have thought Finn was wonderful through the seasons, but Rachel was still criticized for some of her actions in season two and in the earlier part of season three.  Most of the characters aren't as sympathetic as they themselves think they are.

There's a price to pay for characters leaving other show choirs, like Sunshine paid for leaving Vocal Adrenaline and Blaine paid for leaving the Warblers.  I wonder if Unique already paid her price.  I keep thinking that Unique will parallel with Blaine, and she doesn't seem to have that much yet.  Blaine got very little homophobia directed at him in the third season and hasn't gotten notable homophobia so far in the fourth, but what he'd gotten at his first high school, before Dalton, is still taking its toll.

Glee was designed to be a show with a diverse range of characters.  From some stories, it seems like some of the diversity added was accidental, but clearly a lot of it was deliberate.  The Cheerios and Vocal Adrenaline and the Warblers are all notably integrated.  It's not just New Directions.  Glee added a Japanese character, Dottie, this year.  "Most of them are on Glee" may be for effect, but whatever percentage it is would likely be noticeably lower without the show.

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