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Tuesday so far

I tried to get to sleep at 2:30 a.m. or so, and I think I got to sleep around 3:00 a.m.  I slept until 12:30 p.m., though, which was longer than I wanted to.

It was nice out today, if cool.  It was around 60 degrees F during the afternoon.  I went out to the mystery pink rose, which still has a couple of blossoms open and a few buds.

Dad was at a "Friends Helping Friends" event at a department store in the area.  It had something to do with one of his veterans groups.  It included getting a coupon.  Mom and I went to the department store, and looked in a couple of the departments there.  I got a pair of dress shoes and a raincoat, neither of which I had had.  It was a pretty productive trip for me.

We went to the food court in the mall.  I got chicken tempura.

The slash discussion continues to be heated in the comments section of "The Shipping News."  Well, it's heated on the part of the men who object to slash.  It's not heated on the part of those people who like it.  Well, the columnist's comments and mine were reasonable enough, I thought, and the comments of others who are slash fans.  The men who object to slash seem very bitter.  They're taking it with extreme seriousness.

Later: I commented again.  I essentially said that I knew it was serious to them, though I think I said it better than that.  One of the commenters had said he was fine with men who liked slash.  The problem, to him, was the women who liked it.  The great majority of people writing and reading slash fiction are women, to my understanding.

I read through parts of "Derailing for Dummies" (, which is not an actual "Dummies" book.  I decided not to derail in my comment.

Later still: I got another editing job to do.  I did the first read-through on it.
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