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I explored around in fan fiction again.  In the areas I've been looking in, there are a lot of futanari (girl!peen) and boy!pussy stories.  It's its own thing, as Stultiloquentia said.  Those characters aren't trans*, just have different anatomy.  Stultiloquentia did a theory on it.  It seems like with those stories girls are exploring their bodies and others' bodies vicariously.  Genderswapped anatomy usually seems to go under the kink memes, but those stories themselves don't necessarily have what I think of as kinks.  I suppose genderplay itself is thought of as a kink.  (Frankly, I'd be really happy if I could figure out how to search the fluff memes, too.)

I'd like to see original romance that takes genderqueerness more seriously.  L.A. Witt did a fascinating exploration of gender in her story Static.  Alex Beecroft has written a story with a transman as one of the romantic protagonists.  It can be done, and those two authors did it well.  If I knew of a project to collect and publish trans*/genderqueer stories, I could think of a couple more Macaronis who might be interested.

I made a list of trans*/genderqueer authors who write m/m, and easily came up with a half dozen people offhand, and those were just authors I'd read published books by, not counting the fan fic writers.

Kate Hill has written some stories in which characters are magically genderfluid.  She's gone back to that a couple of times.  The late Barbara Karmazin wrote a couple of novellas with intersexed protagonists.  I would have loved to have gotten more stories set in those worlds.

I'd love to talk to some of the Blind Eye Books authors, to see what they might explore.  There are a couple of other authors published by, respectively, Samhain and Loose Id that I'd like to ask about writing stories with trans*/genderqueer characters.

I remember a couple of discussions in which trans* readers of romance said that they wanted stories that would reflect their experiences.  I'm trying to pull some thoughts together as to how that could be made more possible.  I couldn't be an organizer, as I have no sense of organization and only a couple of the authors know of me.  I'd be happy to help in other ways, though. 
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