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Thursday so far

I'm not even that far into Thursday, but I woke at nine-something a.m. after conking out a bit before two-something a.m.  I have an appointment with a nutrition counselor.  I've been writing down what I eat, and it's basically starches with some sweets and the occasional bit of protein.

I worked on an editing job.  I have another one due tonight, but I've been over that one twice, pretty thoroughly both times.  I'd feel good about turning it in now, but I want to read over it one more time.

RM (Racheline Maltese) of Letters from Titan wrote a post about how passing for straight and white is taking a huge toll on Blaine.  The other characters know he's gay, so I don't look at it that much as him passing, as he's out.  I said I am assumed to be straight, and there were some times I'd rather not have people make that assumption.  Passing as straight takes something of a toll, but my guess is that not passing would be a lot more dangerous.  I recommended The Velvet Rage as an explanation of what's going on with Blaine.  DG thought it was interesting, but I don't know if I'll get a response on LfT.

Later: I saw the dietician and her student.  The dietician asked me first if I'd be okay with having the student there as well.  We established that I eat lots of carbohydrates and that most of the protein-rich foods I eat are high in cholesterol.  Some of the things I said made the dietician wince.  I explained that I was bad at math, and she kept the math parts very simple.

It was National Coming Out Day, and I wore rainbow earrings.  I doubt that anyone recognized what they meant.  I debated wearing the Stonewall Inn hoodie I have, but wanted to wear a hoodie with a zipper.

Mom had been wanting to do a recipe with kielbasa, cabbage and apples.  I went to the grocery store for some of the ingredients.  I wanted fresh thyme, but it only took me a glance at the fresh herbs section to see that they didn't have thyme there.  Thyme is easy to pick out, but I recognize basil and mint and various other culinary herbs on sight, before looking at the label.  I went to the spice section and got both dried leaves and ground.  I got ground cloves for myself.

I got olive oil for the recipe, because I figured if we had any it was years old and had turned.  As it happened, we couldn't find any at home, so it was fortunate that I got some.  I did a lot of the prep work for the recipe.  My hands are going to smell like alliums for days.  The apples made the cabbage mixture taste quite sweet, and somehow I hadn't expected that.  I'd expected that with the savory herbs -- I knew we had bay leaf at home -- it would have a more savory flavor.  Well, it was an experiment.

I played phone tag with A.C. for a bit, then we caught up and talked for a while.

Later still: I finished up the editing job that was due tonight, after going through it a third time.

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