neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Monday so far

In which I made it to an appointment late because the card said "Monday" when I checked it, and I thought I'd missed it.  I got there once I'd figured it out.

I did a couple of errands, including getting the ear pieces for my glasses tightened.  The glasses were falling off when I looked down.  I actually got everything done that I wanted to get done as far as running errands.

I've got three editing jobs I can work on.  One's due Thursday and the others are due a couple of weeks out.  I'll be happy to have something to work on over the weekend.

I may have more rambling about TV.  I mostly try to stay away from talking about the actors, and if I do, I try to say innocuous things.  I'll say whatever about the characters.  I feel that I can speculate too, and they're not real.  I have much less idea what will happen on the show than a lot of people online, but I have fun thinking of what might happen.

For instance on talking about characters, back when I watched soap operas, some fans of Olli Sabel of Verbotene Liebe complained about the scarves he wore.  A joke I heard a few times was that they'd look much better around his wrists.  I'm sure that spawned some creative fan fiction.
Tags: rambling, reading, soap opera

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