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out today

Gave P. some driving lessons.  Stopped by H.'s apartment to return the videos she'd borrowed for me from the university library.  I ended up returning them directly to the library, so I could finish watching the one.  I'd borrowed The Celluoid Closet, Before Stonewall, and After Stonewall.  I'd been caught up in watching soap opera, but I finished watching After Stonewall.  I'd watched The Celluoid Closet the other day.  I think that After Stonewall gives a great historical perspective, which is what I want to tie in with the history of the GLBT organization at the university.

M. had stopped by H.'s apartment building to pick up a friend of theirs.  We talked for a bit.  He hasn't watched the soap opera clip yet.  I told him about one of the interviews with the actor who plays Roman on the show.  (Here's the link:
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