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I finished My Regelence Rake.  This was Colton's story.  He'd had a crush on Lord Sebastian Hastings for a long time.  Mostly Sebastian, a viscount, was called Wentworth.  I have no idea about titles.  Colton is one of the princes, and some of the lords gave him the cut direct when he was involved in a scandal.  I would have thought the lords would get in trouble for that.

I liked Sebastian and Colton.  The book had their viewpoints and some of King Steven's.  I don't know whose story is next in the Sci-Regency series.  J.L. Langley talked about the princes' friend Bannon and a Highlander at some point.  I'm not that worried about who is next with the Sci-Regency books.  I want Sterling and Rhys' story in the With or Without series.  J.L. teased with little page or two stories about them in 2008.  Readers have waited considerably longer for Without Fear (I think that will be the title) than it would have taken Sterling to turn eighteen, and he was fifteen at the end of With Caution.

I think Bambi's story is next in the With or Without series, so readers will be waiting a lot longer for Sterling and Rhys' story.  (And seriously, a werewolf nicknamed Bambi?)  With a novel a year, Bambi's story, and the next Sci-Regency book, it will probably be 2014 or 2015 before Without Fear.  It will be at least twice as long in real life as it would have taken Sterling to get three years older in the books.  I don't mind getting Bambi's story eventually, and I certainly look forward to the next Sci-Regency book, but I've been waiting for Without Fear since I read With Caution, and I read With Caution in 2007.

So My Regelence Rake was published October 2nd, and I saw it as a to-be-read book in The Naughty Bits on the 4th.  I finished it on the 5th, which isn't too bad.  I expect Bambi's story will be in 2013.  I was relatively okay with Aubrey and Matt's story, With Abandon, being before Sterling and Rhys' story.  I was happy with there being another Sci-Regency book.  I liked My Fair Captain quite a bit, and loved The Englor Affair.  Aubrey was a jerk in With Abandon, but I've posted about that before.  I never quite got over how Remi treated Chay and Keaton in Without Reservations, though I liked Jake.  Remi kind of got some come-uppance for his attitude in Without Reservations in With Caution, but really not enough for my tastes.  There's nothing I can do about the order the books come out except share the feelings of many other readers.  
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