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Thursday TV - The Break-Up

Man, the teenage girls are going to be going nuts.


Some of the couples were kind of left hanging for after the hiatus, but they were all challenged.  I didn't cry.  I had "It's fiction" in mind and I'm in the middle of reading My Regelence Rake, which is in the first half a pretty satisfying romance novel.  I'll post more when I've finished the book.

I'm pretty sure Kurt and Blaine will break up.  Blaine cheated.  Blaine will probably spiral down considerably more.  Kurt said he himself was going to be okay.  Kurt is very resilent, after all.  I didn't really feel anger towards Blaine, just kind of sad for Kurt and Blaine as a couple.  It may be a while before I watch the episode again.

I hope that the actors aren't hated on for what happened on the show.  They're doing their jobs, and I thought they played the dramatic scenes well.  Blaine's rendition of "Teenage Dream" was heartbreaking.  Kurt knew something was really wrong.  That's when I first pictured parts of the audience sobbing, and then I pictured lots of the audience sobbing when Blaine said he'd been with someone.  Blaine doesn't feel like he matters.

In other parts of the episode, Jake told Marley that he was considered too white for the black kids and too black for the white kids.  I was happy that Glee tackled how a mixed race character would feel under those circumstances.  (Added later: What one blogger I follow said made me consider that while the black community on Glee wasn't welcoming, there's a likelihood that in something closer to real life it might be.  It's not like it's a monolith.  I've heard varied things from various people.)

It's going to be a long wait through the hiatus.
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