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later Monday

Mom and Dad and I went to the library to hear a program on e-readers and using Calibre.  I couldn't figure out why Mom wanted to go so badly, as she doesn't seem to have the desire to learn to use an e-reader.  However, off we went.  I brought my e-readers and Dad brought his.  Mine are a Sony PRS-950, Sony PRS-350 and a Kindle Touch.  I think the Sonys are the 2010 models.  I know I posted extensively about them all at the times I got them and did a considerable amount of posting as I learned how to use them and then just wanted to talk about them.  Dad's is the Kobo Touch I got at Borders before Borders went out of business.

S., the lady who did the e-reader presentation, had a couple of Sony 300 e-readers.  I believe those were the 2008 or 2009 models.  She had a Kindle keyboard as well.  The library loans out Nooks and what I think was the 2011 Sony, and she had them up there.  S. also had a Kindle Fire to demonstrate.  Someone else demonstrated an iPad.  The four kinds of e-reader S. talked about were the Kindle, Nook, Sony and Kobo.  The iPad is a tablet, and does many other things besides work as an e-reader.

I showed a few people how the Sony 950 and 350 worked, and how the Kindle Touch works.  Most of what I had on the e-readers was romance, and most of that was m/m romance.  I tried to pick out titles and covers that were innocuous.  The generic cover for the Dreamspinner Advent Calender books the year I got the Sony 950 was of one guy spanking another, and of course one of those came up when I tried to show one of Mom's friends how the Sony worked at Christmas that year.  I don't think I even knew what the cover looked like when I ordered the Advent Calendar package.

The book I had up on the screen of the Sony 950 this time, One for Sorrow, had the series title "John the Eunuch" on the cover.  I changed it to another book before I showed the next person.  The Kindle Touch had the title Pricks and Pragmatism showing.  That was a good story, but not one I thought random senior citizens at the library would appreciate seeing.  At some point the cover for Nine-Tenths of the Law came up, but that was between people I was showing the Kindle to.  I'm not ashamed of what I read, but I don't generally talk about it with people I don't know, like I don't usually announce that I'm bisexual unless I'm in a GLBT or GLBT-friendly crowd.

I heard enough of what S. was saying to figure out how to create a collection on the Kindle.  The handout that S. passed out had a listing of a number of sites where you could get free e-books.  I knew of some of them.  S. also explained how to set up your computer or e-reader so you could get books from the library system, as I'd done a few times.  Dad had gotten a library book and gotten it onto his computer, but couldn't figure out how to get it onto the Kobo.  I told him he had to download the ascm file, too, but either he hadn't downloaded Adobe Digital Editions or Overdrive, which would also be a problem.

Another person showed us Calibre.  He ran a tutorial that had the creator of Calibre doing a basic explanation of the system.  I don't think I ever managed to get a tutorial to run on my computer.  It was taking a lot of the CPU on the demonstrator's computer, and would stop every so often.  I told Dad I had Calibre downloaded on my computer, and had managed to use it to turn e-pub format books to PDFs and vice versa.  The tutorial was interesting.

I got a good bit out of the presentations.  I already knew a fair amount of it.  Mom didn't appreciate it, but I still have no idea why she wanted to come.  I think Dad enjoyed the program.  My guess is that the people who already knew at least a little about e-readers probably got more out of it than those who didn't know anything at all.  There was also some discussion of DRM, and how you couldn't change the format of books in Calibre if the book had DRM.  I think you can, but you'd need to break the DRM.

It was a good evening for me.  It was a couple of topics I enjoy learning more about.  
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