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I'm still feeling very engaged with Biyuti's latest Glee post:

My comments were the same thing I've been saying here.  I'm still thinking about what they said about Kurt being the focal point character.  Blaine is part of Kurt's story.  Karofsky was also a character who existed to be a part of the main characters' stories.  He was developed more as part of Kurt's story.  While I know several people who wished Karofsky had been developed into an independent character, that wasn't what it was supposed to be.  I don't understand the love for Karofsky that Northboy, Larkin and others have.  Karofsky harassed Kurt severely for months.  Kurt chose to forgive him, but Kurt forgives people easily.  He doesn't forget any of it, but he forgives them.

Blaine was specifically designed to be a part of Kurt's story, from what I understand.  I've read in a few places on the Internet that Blaine was supposed to be a three episode character.  Then he turned out to be wildly popular, and became a recurring character for much of the rest of season two, and a regular character for seasons three and four.  I think he has a good shot at becoming one of the focal point characters.

I took a lot from what Weeds said about what Glee was doing in the first two seasons:  How I wish Weeds was still posting regularly on Glee.  She cut way back.  If I understood it right, it was at least in part because of the haters.  Her well-being is the most important thing, but I still desperately miss her insights.

Part of what I took from that was that Will and Finn were the two characters that much of the audience would immediately see as people.  They apparently were never intended to be nice characters, but the audience could sympathize with them.  They and Rachel got the first viewpoints, the first voiceovers.  Other characters got voiceovers later, but with some it took a while.

There was originally supposed to be a character named Rajeesh that was getting the bullying, but the character of Kurt was written in, and got that part of Rajeesh's storyline, and then some of his own.  It doesn't seem like there was a plan for a gay character to be part of the regular cast, at least not at the beginning.  However, as far as what aired, Kurt was there from the beginning of the long, strange adventure that is the show.  Burt was designed to be part of Kurt's story.  He was one of the earlier parents shown, after Finn's mother and Will's parents.  Rachel's dads and Mike's mother and father weren't shown until the third season.  Shelby being Rachel's biological mother seems to be another of those things that wasn't originally intended.

The way it gets told it seems like a considerable amount of what's happened on the show was not how it was originally planned.  The character of Kurt was created after the first version of the pilot episode was written and he became very popular, and then later Blaine was created to be part of Kurt's story and became very popular in his own right.  The actors went out there and auditioned, worked really hard and made the most of their opportunities.  I have a certain sense of optimism that Blaine will become a focal point character.  Depending on how Artie's love life progresses, Blaine could well get more racism directed at him.  Blaine could quite possibly have one of those moments when he decides to confront someone directly if Artie keeps it up.  I can speculate too.

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