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Saturday so far and reading more recaps of Makeover

It's been quiet again.  It's cooler out today.  I went out to smell the roses, and take pictures of them.  I took pictures of the lantana, too, and the echinacea and the colchicum.  The colchicum is going by, but it was pretty while it lasted, and still has a couple of nice blossoms.

Later: Deconstructing Glee put their post about "Makeover" up.  I commented on race and xenophobia with much the same wording as I'd used here and in discussion with Biyuti.  DG wanted to know about the Dungeons and Dragons game.  I said it was the first time I'd seen D&D done as Live Action Role-playing.  I'm sure much will be made of it being called role-playing.  I played D&D as a dice game a few times, but never as a LARP.  I played LARP versions of Vampire once a week or so for a few years.

And having Blaine doing Live Action Role-playing?  Not subtle.

I'm very curious now to see if there's going to be any more racism directed at Blaine.  I said it would be telling if that happened again.  I commented that Artie was very happily xenophobic towards Rory when he was trying to get a date, and he was xenophobic towards Blaine for the same reason.  I'd love to see Artie get confronted about that.

Rory said to Finn that one of the things he loved about America was "your half-black president."  Finn didn't comment on that, but it was one of those things thrown out there for the audience.

Glee uses things about the actors for effect.  I don't think any of the race references in "Makeover" were accidental.  Glee's done some plots about racism, especially in the third season, but I think some of the messages got obscured when characters of color used stereotypes against other characters of color.  I think a lot of viewers accepted it when Jesse St. James called Mercedes "lazy," too, even though Jesse's clearly an antagonistic character.

VeryCutePanda thought that the "Asian F" plot with Mike was a stereotyped fail (as Biyuti put it).  I thought it was stereotyped, but at least we got something about Mike's family.  I don't think I was as sensitive about what was a stereotype as Panda was, though.  I accepted that Panda was speaking from experience.  Among other things, Panda's seen a lot more shows with Chinese characters than I have.

And again I have rambled badly.  That's why I use that tag.
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