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Friday so far - and reading recaps of Makeover

It's been quiet.  I vacuumed and did laundry, and want to do one more read-through of an editing job.  I'll do that tonight.

Mom and I went to the grocery store.  P. was there, done for the day, doing some off the clock shopping.  We passed each other a few times and spoke a bit.

I read the various blogs I wanted to read that had Glee recaps.  I'm still anticipating the Deconstructing Glee recap.  Biyuti had very much noticed the comments I thought they would, Brittany answering a "favorite color" question with "Filipino" and Brittany asking if Blaine was "actually born in this country."  I commented about those things Brittany said on the AfterElton recap.  Glee did quite the mix of race and politics.  It's nothing that isn't already going on in the country, but it was a clever reflection, I thought.

I posted about it when I heard the men in one of Dad's veterans groups say they didn't think the president was born in the U.S.  As I said at the time, Mom said they were a bunch of racists.  I said that technically that was xenophobia.  I'm sure there was some racism in there, too.

Brittany's comments might seem incongruous within the show and probably to some viewers, but there's plenty of meta there.  I knew I wouldn't be the only one to notice.

Added thoughts: Blaine's never been known to speak any dialect other than American Standard English, but apparently that's not good enough.  Brittany may not be able to recognize faces, but she should be able to do at least an amateur job of recognizing dialects.  All of New Directions so far aside from Rory spoke American Standard English, and Rory was mocked for speaking a different dialect.  It's an American television convention to have most characters speak American Standard English, at least if they're middle class to upper class.  This makes different dialects and accents that much more telling for the audience.

Brittany was prompted by Artie to ask if Blaine was born in the U.S.  He gave her a thumbs-up for doing it.  Artie didn't mind throwing a little xenophobia into the contest.  Artie and several other New Directions characters were actively xenophobic with Rory.  Sam wasn't.  Artie apparently doesn't mind doing some baiting when it comes to ethnicity.  Hopefully he'll be checked on that sooner or later.  Tina checked him on his sexism.

Later: I went out to the roses.  The mystery pink rose has over a dozen flowers, some open, some in bud.
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