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neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

and what I'm up to elsewhere

I tried to phrase it well, and I hope the folks on the list take it well:

[mmromancefans] Re: slashy poster girl

Saturday, September 26, 2009 9:27 PM
From: [Me]


Beautiful. I'd love to get opinions from here on a question that I often wonder about. Is it slashy if at least one of the characters is gay in canon? And I still can't believe how fast I got addicted to a soap opera. Was that an insidious plot on your part or what? ;)

It's certainly furthered my own insidious agenda of encouraging appropriating, and re-appropriating (if that's even a word). I've been lending the students of the GLBT organization at the local university my m/m fiction. I've been picking books with characters they might relate to somehow (and that I also have as e-books). I had the most copies of the PsyCop books, of course, so I lent them out. I told one of the students about the first half of My Fair Captain being free on the Samhellion site, but I lost him on the "young men are supposed to be pure until marriage" part. So I loaned him Channeling Morpheus. I also brought in Fatal Shadows, Hard Fall, and Partners in Crime 2. Not that too many of the heroes of those, with the exceptions of Adrien English and possibly Deputy Joe of Hard Fall are good role models, but the kids seem to be starved for materials which reflect some of their experiences.

When you recommended this soap opera, I sent the links for it to some of the students. I figure that, sadly, more of them will watch TV than read. Deniz certainly isn't a good role model, but Roman is, pretty much. Honestly, I'm not as concerned about role models as giving them entertainment with heroes they'll take as their own. So, just my thoughts about how I'm taking the media that I enjoy (and some I've worked on) and trying hard to share back to others who will appreciate it.


--- In mmromancefans@ yahoogroups. com, Water Tower <watertower12@ ...> wrote:
> I uploaded some pictures. Watching some recent Deniz/Roman antics reminded me of --- me. One of the show's characters was watching a Deniz/Roman kiss on their blog. I think the actress did a pretty good impression of me - and many like me I'm sure. I wanted to capture this "poster girl" so I played a bit with the pictures. I was having so much fun, I just had to capture some of the shower too. Just thought I'd share...
> http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/mmromancef ans/photos/ album/56089184/ pic/list

Now that I think about it, I'm going to need to clarify soon that what I brought in to the GLBT office were the print books.  I tried so hard to put it carefully so as not to offend anyone.  I really hope I don't give Josh a fit by how I said, essentially, that I want to share his books with a new generation of a gay audience.  I'm afraid that he'll be offended.  I'll have to see.
Tags: gay-related, m/m, reading, soap opera

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