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Thursday TV - Makeover

I watched the Glee episode "Makeover." 

There were several lines that had me saying "What?"  Brittany said, "I'd like to know if anyone can prove that Blaine was actually born in this country."  She later said her favorite color was "Filipino" and had a little Brittany-esque explanation of why.  I was like, "Seriously?"  Blaine talked about Brittany's ban on hair gel for the prom in his campaign speech.  Sam stripped.

Kurt got caught up in things in New York, and didn't take Blaine's calls.  I was sad.  Blaine was sad, too.  He won the election and is senior class president, but he still missed Kurt.  Sam said it was cool to have a gay bro.  Blaine is one of the bros.

Rachel kissed Brody.  I knew that because it was very near the end of the episode that Finn would show up as soon as she did.

It was a very wacky episode.  I probably say that frequently.  There were very humorous moments and a few poignant ones.  I'm still getting over the "born in this country" question and the Filipino lines.  I'm waiting for the reaction from some of the bloggers I read.

So McKinley has its first gay senior class president.  Blaine is accomplishing things Kurt couldn't do while Kurt was there.  Then again, Kurt's platform was about obesity and then about dodgeball.  He didn't have a vice presidential candidate who stripped.  "Makeover" was a set-up episode for "The Breakup," but it had its own arcs within the episode.
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