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Saturday out

Today was the GLBT alumni association picnic.  I had tried to go to sleep at two-something, was awake at 4:00 a.m., and am not really sure what time after that I actually fell asleep.  I woke at 11:45 a.m.  I got to the picnic about half an hour or 45 minutes after it had started.  Several people I'd known from when I went to college were there, and others I knew from the alumni association.  I sat across from a woman, S.T., who was telling some entertaining stories, and next to S.P.  One of the men sitting nearby was on Grindr, and explained it to S.T.  "Lesbians don't have that," she said.  I don't know if there's an app or part of an app for women looking to meet each other, but the app for men looking to meet each other is certainly much more infamous.

C.K. (the female one) and her partner were there, and J.A., too.  I didn't really catch up with them too much.  As I was getting ready to leave, I heard them discuss vegetarianism.  J.A. is still a vegetarian.  C.K. said that she sometimes ate chicken and seafood now.  I remembered having discussions with them about that in college.  I was never a vegetarian.

Maybe next alumni event I'll catch up with them more.  I would like to get a history of the organization project going with the alumni group, as I've posted about.  I may talk to S.P. about it, and/or T.A.  They might be interested.

Later: I talked to A. for about an hour and a half.  He caught me up on his life.

I'm adding the friends tag for A., though we haven't met in person and just talk online and on the phone.  J.A. and I were friends for a while, though we had our differences.  A group of us were friends in college.  I should get in touch with G.L. again.  He called me his "f*g hag," and I was generally known as "the bisexual f*g hag."  There was quite a debate about whether someone who was queer themselves could be called a "f*g hag."  G.L. answered that.  I didn't call him what he called himself.  It wouldn't have been right for me to do it.  It wasn't a slur I could reclaim.

I can't believe I'm using asterisks on my own journal, but I know there are a few people who read it at least now and then.  If it was a swear word I'd just use the swear word, but I don't want to use slurs.  Well, there are particular ones I don't want to use.
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