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Wednesday so far

I made it to an appointment.

It was a nice day today.  I looked around the yard.  There are two flowers open on the mystery pink rose, and one on 'Duchesse de Brabant'.  The mistflower is in full bloom and several of the flowers of the colchicium are up.

I searched my room another couple of times to see if I could find the CDs of showtunes I'd gotten for Mom.  That made it six or eight times I'd searched my room.  Dad knew I'd had them on the dining room table for a while, but I'd thought I'd brought them up to my room.  When Mom got home, I told her I couldn't find her birthday CDs.  She said they were in a box in the kitchen.  The box was filled with things that had nothing to do with birthday presents, and I'm sure I wouldn't have put the CDs there.  I put the CDs back on the dining room table, so I'd know where they were.

Later: Mom and I went to a church potluck dinner held by the women's group of the church Mom and Dad attend.  After the dinner, there was a speaker who talked about Eleanor Roosevelt.  The speaker had been a counselor, and spoke from a counselor's perspective on Eleanor's childhood and married life.  The speaker did not have a historian's sort of viewpoint.  Like me, Mom has a history degree, and she agreed.

On our way home, I drove slowly on the small road the church is on.  When we turned onto a road that's somewhat more of a main road for the area, I sped up a little.  I slowed down again when I thought I saw something move in the bushes at the side of the road, then slammed on the brakes as a deer bounded across the road from the other side.  It was a big deer, too.  After that, I stayed at about 30 miles an hour for the rest of the trip home.  Mom didn't mind that I was driving so slowly.  She was traumatized when she hit a deer.  She still won't drive on that particular road at night.  I don't think it's paranoia to drive very slowly if you know there's a high chance that there will be deer on the roads you're driving on.  I'll take those roads at the speed limit during the day, but they're very dark roads at night, no streetlights and lots of wildlife.
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