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Tuesday so far

It was raining.  I ventured out between rainstorms to pick up my shoes from the cobbler's.  On my way home, I stopped at the Indian grocery and got chicken tikka masala, garlic naan and jalebi.  I cooked some basmati rice when I got home, and had the chicken tikka masala with that.  I ate the naan, too.  I'd only had yogurt and a banana for breakfast, which was at 1:30 p.m. for me, so I was pretty hungry.

Mom asked if she and Dad could have the leftover basmati rice.  I was planning to offer it to them anyway.  It keeps pretty well in the refrigerator if it's covered, but I figured they'd want rice with their dinner.

I did the first run-through on an editing job.  I'm a fan of the author, and his books are easy to read anyway.

I re-read some fics, and read others for the first time.

A.C. called and told me how things were going in her new place in southeastern Pennsylvania.  I'm going to go visit on Friday.  It's only about fifteen minutes away if I don't get lost, and we're going to meet somewhere near there that I know how to get to.

Later: I watched the late night show "Conan" because Chris Colfer was on it.  Apparently sometime CC took up the hobby of throwing throwing stars.  Conan said that the last time CC was on, he'd shown Conan his skills with twirling sai.  CC has shelves in his house filled with stuffed llama toys and llama figurines, gifts from fans.  It made sense in context.  I read Buildup: Mindscan during the commercials.  I've read it many times.
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