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Friday so far

When I opened my mail, I saw that likeasouffle's patch had come, so I set out to send that along.  It had come in a regular envelope, but it was in good shape.  I went to Staples to get a padded envelope, then to the post office.  After that I went to the grocery store.

I went to bed at three a.m. and woke at seven a.m., so I am tired.  I did an editing job this morning, so I got something accomplished there, too.

I've been reading the various Glee recaps.  I commented on the AE one.  The new recapper makes up dialogue to get her idea across rather than writing the dialogue down as it was spoken on the show.  I preferred the literal dialogue, so I could read what they actually said.  I'll just have to get used to reading made-up dialogue and trying to remember what the characters really said.

I commented on Deconstructing Glee and at Biyuti's blog.  RM (Racheline Maltese) made a couple of posts, and I read them.

Later: I sent an RSVP for the GLBT alumni group picnic at the university I'm an alumna of.  They'd just added the "B" when I started going there, which is around the time I started figuring out that I didn't have a sexual orientation one way or the other, like Brittany's fluid teen sexuality.  I don't identify with Brittany on much, but I'm with her there.  The organization added the T a few years later.  When I was working on the history of the group, I learned that a couple of the students, back in the mid-1970s, were transitioning M to F while they were going to school there.  One transwoman student was beaten up by the football team and dropped out.  Another student was well-known as a drag queen in Philadelphia.  Though the organization was first named "Gays of [town]," one of the founding members was a lesbian.  I need to get more of the history of the group written down.
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