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thoughts on tattoos and more

I've been following Biyuti's blog posts on tattooing.  I got my tattoo nearly twenty years ago.  My thought there is that there is nothing I could do about it if I wanted to.  I took the design from a photo of an English rose, so in that way it came from Western European culture.  The practice of tattooing was, if I understand it correctly, appropriated by sailors who went to Pacific islands and saw the tattoos of the indigenous people.  Various other cultures had had tattooing rituals, but modern tattooing apparently descends from the tattoos of those sailors.

Now that I've learned this, I could say something about appropriation if the subject comes up.  I suppose it would be saying not to do as I did.  My brother has a dragon and a yin/yang symbol on one leg, and the heraldic device of a samurai house on his chest.  Our family is not Chinese or Japanese.  I'm curious to see what he says.

I wonder how appropriative it is to grow tea roses and China roses.  They were certainly a colonial import to Western Europe and America.  My garden has a mix of flowers that came from Europe, Asia and Africa, and some that were native to the Americas.  I've heard many stories of European explorers discovering plants that people who lived in the area had known all about.  China roses were already highly hybridized before they came to Europe, and some had names like 'White Pearl in Red Dragon's Mouth' and 'Tipsy Imperial Concubine'.  They were renamed to European names.  I'm not going to change my garden.  I'm just musing about the subject.
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    We have an appointment with the podiatrist, Dr. B., this afternoon.

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    I should get to bed soon. I have various chores and errands to do tomorrow -- Monday during the day.

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    I should go to bed soon. I experimented with cooking quince. I got several tender plants ready to be moved inside.

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