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TV watching - The New Rachel

Glee is back with season four.  I found the first episode pretty satisfying.  I begrudged the time spent on Rachel.  New Directions members had become willing to accept others being teased to keep their own popularity, though they didn't seem all that happy about it, and reformed their ways at the end of the episode.

I liked Marley quite a lot.  I'm eager to see what happens with Jake Puckerman.  Jake does look quite a bit like Puck in facial features.  I figure he'll join New Directions sooner or later.  (Added: The consensus among the bloggers I read seems to be that Jake is biracial.  That's what I'd thought.  I'm sure Puck will have something politically incorrect to say about that.)

It was time for Kurt to leave Ohio.  He and Blaine appeared more like good friends than boyfriends, but Blaine did serenade Kurt in the courtyard.  Kurt and Blaine didn't have a private goodbye, but they had a hug.  The Kurt and Burt goodbye scene was great.  Burt knew that Kurt had to leave Lima, because he'd be happier in New York.

I'm sure there will be indignation from some fans that Blaine was competitive, but I was fine with that.  I don't think that was really all that new.  I expected him to give Unique a decent welcome, but Blaine saw Unique as competition, too.  Blaine redeemed himself at the end of the episode.

I was pleased that Artie named Blaine the new Rachel.  Artie seems to want Blaine as his frontman.  (That idea is not original to me.  I think RM (Racheline Maltese) may have been the one to say it.)  As long as Blaine realizes that Artie is actually the leader of ND, I think Blaine will do pretty well as the frontman.  (Added: On second thought, Blaine seemed pretty willing to take something of a leadership role.  It won't mix too well with him wanting to make the people around him happy.  But once he was named the new Rachel, Blaine spoke for New Directions a few times.)

I think Marley will have the lead solos, but Blaine will get some, too.  Brittany is the best dancer left, but I wasn't impressed by her singing.  Blaine and Unique are both good performing for audiences.

It's still kind of unclear how Wade/Unique identifies.  Wade is male-bodied and likes men, and seemed to prefer to dress in girl clothes and wear makeup, even on a regular school day.  I don't know how much the show will separate out gender and sexual orientation for Unique, but they established that Unique is gender non-conforming outside of a performance setting.  One way or another, Unique is recognizably queer.  Kurt felt a certain solidarity with Unique, especially once Kurt educated himself.

There's a range of wealth in New Directions, with Blaine and Sugar coming from very well-off families and Marley being poor.  I think it's a matter of time before Jake joins, and I don't think he'd have much money, with the same deadbeat father as Puck.  ND will probably add more diversity as they get up to the twelve members they need, but they have diversity in a number of ways now.

Added later: Once Ryder comes into the picture, if he tries to join ND, I'm sure Will will want him as the new Finn.  Will liked Finn despite Finn's being poor, and I'm sure he'll feel the same way about Marley.  Will sees the white, able-bodied, presumably straight students as being the stars.  Other characters could in canon be as good as or better than Rachel or Finn as singers, but Will didn't want them to have competition solos.  They had to work a lot harder to get recognition for their talents from him.

(Added much later: It became clear in later episodes how Unique identified.  She called herself a "strong Black woman" and a "proud Black woman," and near the end of the season included herself in saying "trans kids.")
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