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Wednesday shopping

I had asked P. if she wanted to go shopping in the area sometime during her vacation.  She called around 11:30 a.m. to ask if I would pick her up at the library, and go shopping from there.  I picked her up at 1:00 p.m.  First we went to the produce place.  I got raspberries and blueberries, then worried about them being out in the car during the rest of that part of our shopping trip.  We went to Wal-Mart, where I got various things.  P. had some money left on a Wal-Mart gift card, and got some clothes.

We stopped back at the house so I could put the raspberries and blueberries in the refrigerator.  Then we went to the dollar store near [borough].  P. stopped at a beauty supply store in the shopping center, too.  I got a few things at the dollar store.  P. got a pretty good amount of things.  I dropped P. off after that.

I headed to another strip mall.  I dropped my orthopedic shoes off at the cobbler's and asked for them to be stretched.  He said he'd have them ready by Monday or Tuesday.

I went to the Indian grocery and got bhindi masala, a naan, mango juice and gulab jamun.  I remembered the couple of eggplant dishes I'd gotten the last two times I'd been there as having names starting with "b," but I think bhindi must be okra, because I'm pretty sure that's what it was.  It was a little spicy for me, but it was good.  I like okra, but we never have it.  I don't think it's all that widely available around here, and I don't believe Mom cares for it.  It seems a bit much to get it and cook it just for myself.  I make jasmine rice and basmati rice for myself, but that's very easy to do and Mom and Dad usually eat that, too.  I just need to remember to cook the basmati rice before I go get chicken tikka masala, so it's ready.

There was a sign at the Indian grocery about fresh methi for sale.  I think methi is fenugreek.  I have recipes that call for dried fenugreek.  If I remember correctly, Mom reacts to the smell of fenugreek about the same as she reacts to the smell of cilantro or curry.  I need to find somewhere else I can cook.  I would like to find someone else who also likes masalas to cook with.

Anyway, it was a good shopping trip, and I didn't go over budget.  It was nice to spend time with P.

It was a nice day, and I went out to see the flowers when I was done shopping.  I deadheaded 'Duchesse de Brabant'.  'Duchesse de Brabant' has a bud that's showing color.  'Marchioness of Londonderry' has a bud.  The mystery pink rose has three flowers.  I pruned the dead wood off that.  I wish it had come with a label.  Roses that are pink, fully double, fragrant and remontant are apparently pretty common.  When I got it at [independent garden center] several years ago, they were selling 'Konigen von Danemark', and the garden associate said that maybe that was what it was.  It couldn't be, though, because 'Konigen von Danemark' is a once-blooming rose.  I have a plant of 'Konigen von Danemark' now, and it's notably different from the mystery pink rose.

Later: I talked with A. for about an hour and a half.
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