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rambling about TV again

The more I hear about many Glee fans going nuts before even seeing any fourth season episodes, the calmer I feel in comparison.  Rumor has it that Sam's going to be the male lead of New Directions.  It fits with what Will wants, for the straight white guy to be the most often heard male voice.  I'm sure there will be plenty of Blaine singing inappropriate-for-high-school songs during the season.  I've been reading what Glorfindel says, and I hope they'll keep them mostly pop songs in a good range for a low tenor, if I understood her analysis right.

Though Glorfindel is a vocal coach, she's not shy about making subjective judgments, too.  It seems to me that she's kinder to some of the singers who started out untrained than some of the singers who started the show trained.  I would make a distinction between untrained and self-taught.  I think she does to some extent, too.  I can't even read music, and am not qualified to judge vocal quality at all.  I just know what I like and don't like, and I think some of what I feel is that there are songs that are supposed to make the audience cringe.

I'm not a fan of rap or country music.  I like rock and roll, metal, Industrial, and some pop.  I'm not particularly a fan of show tunes, though there are some I like.  My feeling is that the only character on the show so far who is decent at rapping is Artie, though I'm not particularly qualified to judge there, either.  I hear from AfterElton music critics that Finn isn't that good a singer, but I can't tell.  He sings a fair amount of rock and roll, and as I said, I like that.

The songs are intended to show the characters' emotions, and from what I can tell, it's mostly romantic partners who duet together, which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending who it is.  I've enjoyed most of the duets.

Moving away from the songs, I wonder if there ever will be a conservative version of Glee.  Some of the things on Glee that I'm sure shock conservatives are things that I find pretty tame, but my perspective is evidently very different.  Some of the plots and dialogue on the show that are horrifying are supposed to be horrifying.

Many of the overt protests from conservatives about Glee seem to come concerning the GLBT content.  I think there's an undercurrent of racism, too.  Perhaps it's not that much underneath the surface.  Glee started out in the first episode with having an interracial same-sex couple in Rachel's dads, and it's continued with that.  That must have struck several nerves at once for those who are both racists and homophobes.  I have whatever is the reverse of sympathy for them -- schadenfreude, maybe.

Perhaps the climax there was Unique saying that if Kurt and Mercedes had a love child that love child would be Unique.  And Unique was presented as a talented and sympathetic character rather than someone who would destroy civilization as we know it.  She could change the attitudes of younger generations. 
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