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Tuesday so far

I went to the grocery store.  I went to the podiatrist because the sensible shoes I got were rubbing against my pinky toes.  He said to go get the shoes stretched.

I finished Scarcity Holidays: A Scarcity Sanctuary Story and Brides of the Kindred 1: Claimed.  A.K.M. Miles writes the Scarcity Sanctuary series.  I think the first few in the series were originally published by Torquere, but she's putting them out through MLR now.  They're about a couple of men taking care of abused children.  Later, when the children grow up and are in their twenties, they have their own romances.

Brides of the Kindred 1: Claimed was one of the ARe first-in-a-series promos for either Earth Day or Christmas.  I've read several books by Evangeline Anderson that were hilarious, but this one was darker.  It was sci-fi, with enormous-yet-nurturing-to-their-mates male humanoid aliens.  The aliens reminded me a bit of the BDB Brothers, with their size and feelings about their little human mates, especially since one sort of EA's Kindred have fangs.

Somewhat later: I got shrimp with lobster sauce and barbeque beef on a stick as takeout.  We all ended up doing our own thing for dinner tonight without really communicating, though Dad had tried calling earlier.  Mom had had half a sandwich earlier, so I shared what I'd gotten with her.  I couldn't have eaten four sticks of barbeque beef, or a whole pint of shrimp with lobster sauce by myself.

I may get book two in the Brides of the Kindred series.

Slightly later than that: I got books two and three in the Brides of the Kindred series.  They're quite long in e-pub format, but they were inexpensive.  I used some of the ARe e-book bucks I got for my birthday.  Thank you.
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