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Sunday so far

It rained on and off today.  The rugosa rose has gone by, but has two more buds.

I'm continuing my marathon.  I watched "Dance with Somebody," "Choke" and "Prom-A-Saurus."  I used subtitles for "Prom-A-Saurus."  I'm using subtitles for those episodes in which Becky has a lot of dialogue, so I can understand what she said.  When I comprehend it, I can appreciate it.  I also used subtitles for "Prom Queen," for the parts where Kurt is simultaneously crying hard and talking fast.  Ordinarily, I don't have trouble understanding what Kurt says, whether it's his usual speaking voice or the breathy tone he gets sometimes when it's serious business.

In "Choke," Kurt said that "Not the Boy Next Door" was "more me."  He was being very specific.  Carmen Tibideaux didn't seem phased.  Glorfindel said that Kurt mostly sang in a tenor range, with a few notes in his higher register (  For all his love of Broadway songs sung by women, Kurt chose a song traditionally sung by a man for his audition.  I think the only other Broadway song he's sung that's sung by a man is "Mr. Cellophane."  Will didn't count him as a male voice, but Kurt can use his lower register, too, when he wants to.

Later, in "Props," Kurt passes up the chance to sing "Edge of Glory," a Lady Gaga song, for Nationals, because Sue wanted him to sing it in drag.  It would have been his only competition solo for New Directions other than a couple of lines here and there.  I enjoyed that Sectionals used the male voices in New Directions.  Regionals and Nationals used Rachel heavily, as is the usual.  Nationals seemed to me to only have a few lines for the boys aside from Finn to sing.  Artie can sing anything, and I hope he gets more of a chance to sing in season four.

I did some beta reading.

I talked with S. for a while.
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