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I had lunch with S.M.  We went to the place that serves southern food, and I got a fried shrimp po' boy with remoulade sauce.  I have no idea if that's something actually served in the South, but it wasn't bad.

I worked on teaching S.M. to do a group mailing to the garden club and on sending and opening attachments, all of which we've worked on before.  I guess she hasn't done it herself often enough.  She wanted to have a copy of the garden club handbook in her documents.  I had a copy on the USB drive I keep in my purse, so I copied that into her documents.  I thought she wanted a copy of the members' addresses, and to send that out via e-mail, so I made that a document and attached that to an e-mail to garden club.  She didn't actually want to send that, so I cancelled it.  She wanted two separate things, not both at once.  We'll have to practice those things more.

I'd brought my camera with me, and took pictures of her Japanese anenomes and portulaca.  After I got home, I took pictures of the rugosa rose.

I'd brought my Glee DVDs with me to S.M.'s.  I'd played some of the showtunes from the second half of the first season and from the second season for her before.  This time I played some of the West Side Story songs for her, and some of the songs from "Extraordinary Merry Christmas," as well as "It's Not Unusual," which I figured she'd be familiar with, as it's an oldie.

S.M. was a school music teacher for thirty-odd or forty years.  She's been retired for a few years now, but still plays the piano every day and sings in her church choir.  I think she was shocked to see the piano set on fire at the end of "It's Not Unusual."  I told her it was a plot by the cheerleaders, but that Blaine was blamed for it.

There were several things she praised.  One was the singers hitting the right notes.  I guess you don't always get that with a real life school choir.  She also praised the singers' harmonizing skills.  S.M. was impressed by that.  With the Blaine songs, she also praised his enthusiasm and ability to sell a song.  "Enthusiasm" was the exact word she used.

S.M. asked when the new season started.  I told her she wouldn't want to start watching the show in the fourth season.  I reminded her I had told her she wouldn't want to watch the show at all.  I think she's very intrigued because it's high school students in a show choir.  I had said that just about all of the characters said and did things that would be inappropriate for school.  I don't think a rather timid seventy-something-year-old could take some of the plots and character actions.  Some of the things on the show that are meant to be horrifying horrify me.

I told S.M. about some of the things that happen on the show.  "There's a teenage pregnancy," I said.  There's a lot of bullying, I said.  S.M. said that happened in real high schools, too.  People object to all the gay and lesbian content of the show, I said.  I explained that I felt differently from those people.  "That's my favorite part," I said.

S.M. actually did not seem deterred about there being gay characters on the show.  Last time we watched the jukebox videos, I had explained to her that Kurt and Blaine were gay and became a couple.  "Gays are some of the best people," she said at the time.  She's surprisingly liberal in some ways, for as religious as she is and considering she's a senior citizen.

I explained about the various love triangles as they came up in the songs.  I said there was a Sam/Mercedes/Shane love triangle.  "There's a lot more interracial dating these days," S.M. said.

"Interracial marriage used to be illegal," I said, which I'm sure she remembers quite well.  (Added: I looked it up, and interracial marriages were illegal in much of the South until 1967, which is well within living memory for senior citizens.  I remembered learning about the Loving vs. Virginia case.  Here's a Wikipedia entry on various U.S. state laws:

I'm really tempted to show S.M. the pilot episode sometime.  If she keeps asking, maybe I will.  (Added: I watched the pilot again, and there's plenty for a viewer to be horrified by, particularly Sandy Ryerson, but also the Will and Terri situation, and how he's already cheating on her emotionally with Emma, and putting the glee club first.  A lot is set up to explore in future episodes.  The bullying starts right away, too.)

Later: I resumed my marathon and watched "On My Way," "Big Brother," and "Saturday Night Glee-ver."
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