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AE posted the GLAAD 2012 Network Responsibility Index: A Comprehensive Analysis of Television's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Images. My impression was that Glee played a huge role in giving Fox a rating of "good." The report dedicated a paragraph to the show. "Glee remains, without a doubt, one of the most inclusive shows on Fox and on television in general. Young gay couple Kurt and Blaine and lesbian/bi couple Santana and Brittany continue to enjoy prominent placement on the show, while other gay characters like Sebastian and Karofsky made a handful of appearances. More exciting is the fact that the show seemed to introduce its first transgender character with Unique, and set the stage for her to return in a more prominent capacity next season."

I like Unique quite a lot.  I wouldn't have said she was more exciting than anything else, but I get the excitement of having a trans* character who's portrayed positively.  It's rare to see a trans* person of color on TV.  Has there ever been a trans* character who won an award in a national competition?  Unique got the show choir MVP award and the key to the city of Chicago.  Glee has heightened reality and dream-sequences and unreliable narrators, but those things were to be considered things that actually happened in the world of the show.  Kurt is one of the more reliable narrators, though he's unreliable sometimes, too.  What the characters say can be untrue in the real world, and/or untrue in the Glee world.  However, at times there's capital-T Truth behind events and dialogue in the show.

One third-season episode of Glee had eight LGB characters in it.  In the season, there were usually at least four LGB characters in an episode, and frequently enough more, plus the above-mentioned adding the T in a couple of episodes.  Back in real life, I don't think there's been an episode that didn't have an openly lesbian or gay actor in it, and most of the time it's both.  There was an episode -- or possibly two -- that had three openly gay actors in a scene together, and I've lost track of how many times there have been two.  Some of the actors are the same who are counted in LGBT inclusive hours at awards shows, so their appearances in real life also sometimes made the report.

The report also had a picture of Brittany and Santana. Santana probably single-handedly contributed to the representation of Latina lesbians on Fox. The report has pie charts of "LGBT inclusive hours" and also breaks it down by "race of LGBT characters." The report doesn't say what "Other" is, though Fox got an 11% for that, but the remaining categories are multi-racial, API (Asian/Pacific Islander), Latino/a, African-American and white.

TBS got a failing grade. The report said that in their original programming, only an airing of the Screen Actors' Guild Awards, which another channel also aired, had "LGBT inclusive hours," if I am understanding it right. That was a total of two hours, and because the awards "included appearances by out actors like Jane Lynch, Chris Colfer, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Amber Heard." It didn't sound like those hours of being inclusive were planned on TBS's part. There was 0% for the T.

The History Channel failed, too. It had a bit of accidental inclusion with a couple of reality shows. If they wanted to, they could include historical accounts by gay soldiers in their military documentaries. It wouldn't take a whole lot of effort for them to be more inclusive. Seriously, there's a lot of LGBT history.

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