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Wednesday so far

I made it to an appointment, and then went to the grocery store.

I got sensible shoes from the podiatrist, but I'm kind of okay with them because they look just like sneakers.

My plan for the rest of the day is to read the previous books in two series to check on continuity for the books I'm working on.  I may get some beta reading to do.  I'll probably also continue with the Glee marathon I've been doing.  I went out of order when I was comparing the "Big Brother" script to the episode that aired, but I was up to "The First Time."  At this rate I'll be through the marathon a few days before the new season starts.

My glasses broke.

Much later: I read four novellas/novelettes that were the previous books in a werewolf series, then worked on the fifth.  I did a pretty thorough job, enough so I would feel okay about turning it in.  I want to read through it another time or two before I do, because that's my habit.

I watched "The First Time," "Mash-Off," "I Kissed a Girl," and "Hold on to Sixteen."  I watched the YouTube clip of Santana coming out to the Cheerios around the middle of "I Kissed a Girl," stopping it on DVD for a bit to watch the clip.  I wish it had been in the episode, because I would have felt so much better about the episode.  I'm still glad the powers-that-be of Glee released that clip.  I had no idea there was a Santana coming out to the Cheerios scene.

Canuck Jacq had some reaction to the directions in the "Big Brother" script that the mini-Warbler was supposed to play young Blaine.  I had some reaction, too.  As it is, Internet legend has it that young Blaine was played by a child who's of Japanese, Native American and European descent.

Later still: I watched "Extraordinary Merry Christmas."  I paused it here and there to watch the deleted scenes, Santana singing "Santa Baby" and the Box Scene.  I still wish the box scene had been included in the episode.  I liked the episode as it was, but I would have loved to have seen that scene at the time.

I had noticed before that Blaine played the harmonica in a song, but he plays air guitar in another song.

I may have commented at the time about Sue's nicknames for Artie, Kurt and Blaine.  In "Throwdown," she called Artie "Wheels."  Sue made Kurt answer to "Gay Kid."  She called Tina "Asian" and Mike "Other Asian."  Kurt later got to choose between a few nicknames, and chose "Porcelain."

In "Extraordinary Merry Christmas," Sue has Artie, Kurt and Blaine in her office.  She calls them by nicknames: "Wheels, Porcelain, Other Gay."  It's arguable that Blaine got a mash-up between "Gay Kid" and "Other Asian."  Then she calls them, respectively, "Stumbles, Gelfling, Young Burt Reynolds."  Blaine likes the "Young Burt Reynolds" nickname much better than he likes "Other Gay."

Apparently, in the script, Blaine was supposed to attempt to give Kurt a cheek kiss while they're singing "Let It Snow," but that wasn't in the episode as it aired.  Blaine did have an arm around Kurt's shoulders several times.  Even without the attempt at a cheek kiss, they all but say they're together.  Kurt introduces Blaine as his "best friend and holiday roommate."  Blaine says, "Welcome to our bachelor chalet."  I enjoyed the holiday special part of the episode.    
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