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I got a PDF of the script of "Big Brother," since I'd donated towards it via the Box Scene people. Blaine's shower scene wasn't in that script. I'm sure hordes of women and some men are glad it was added in.  The line about it being "in Porcelain's DNA to poop rainbow glitter" was scripted. The Margaret Thatcher imitation wasn't in the script. There were stage directions about how Blaine felt about things Cooper said and did. The "Big Brother" script didn't have a scene with Roz, so that was added in.

In an auditorium scene, Sue says:

"You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.  You're out of shape, you're constantly late, and when you're not busy texting, you're complaining about the choreography you're too lazy to learn.  You are nothing but a bunch of tardy, narcissistic, bloated bags of cellulite who will stab each other in the back at the first glimpse of a solo at a competition judged by a late night horror movie host.  Well, that ends now."

The stage directions are: (then, deadly)

"If I hear one more electronic beep in this room that does not come from the electronic collar that supplies Porcelain with a light shock every time he attempts to sing a gender-reversed song about empowerment through transformation, I will personally beat you on and about the head and torso with a cricket bat.  Do you want to win Nationals, or don't you?"

Stage directions: The kids are shaken.

The second paragraph wasn't in the show.

In the directions for the scene that has young Blaine dancing, it says "Flashback (14 years ago)  Young Blaine is 4.  Cooper is 14.  (The mini-Warbler plays young Blaine.)"

That establishes that in the script, at least, Blaine is 18.  I've seen clips of the mini-Warbler dancing.

When Cooper wants the Master Class to play a scene, there's casting first.

Here are the lines and directions:

Cooper: "Now.  Who wants to play special Agent Abby Sciuto?  She's a crack forensics expert who's totally goth and is addicted to the fictional caffeinated beverage 'Caf-Pow.'"

Rachel: (hand shooting up)  "Born to play this role."

Cooper: "Now who can fill the shoes of acting legend Mark Harmon, who one-upped his performance as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars when he took on the role of Leroy Jethro Gibbs, special agent in charge of the Major Case Response Team?"

Directions: All the guys raise their hands.  Blaine is hiding.

Cooper: "Blaine.  Why don't you show us how it's done?"

Directions: Blaine reluctantly mopes up.

Cooper: "And who can play a corpse?"

Directions: Tina's hand goes up.

Cooper: "Fantastic.  Now in this scene, Agent Sciuto has just discovered a dead body.  Who knows what will unfold?...ACTION."

Then it goes on like it did in the show, except that Blaine and Cooper have more dialogue between them in the show when they're arguing.  So Blaine didn't want to do the scene and Tina wanted to play a corpse.

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