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Monday so far and TV and movies

Biyuti is back, as the post says:  I was wondering if it was anything to do with prejudice about the content, but apparently not.  I found their post about how there was an Asian-American soldier and an African-American soldier in Captain America's unit in the movie, and how that wouldn't have actually happened, due to segregation.  I noted that when I saw the movie.  I also said that from what I understood that the original comic book, from the 1940s, had what we'd now think of as offensive stereotypes about African-Americans and Asians.  It was probably just as well that the setting of the movie stayed in Europe and didn't also go to the war in the Pacific like the comic book did.  It's not like the movie could have -- or would have -- depicted Japanese soldiers the way they were drawn in comic books, but I was vividly picturing images from comic books of the era.

I read the Glee entries again.

Various other bloggers I read have said that the racism of the white characters like Will and Finn and Rachel isn't supposed to be approved of, but is just presented.  A lot of it either slides by the audience or is taken as the writers' attitudes.  In the first episode, Rachel saying she didn't know which of her fathers was her biological father was to be considered a joke, so there was that to start with.  Later, it was made somewhat clearer to the audience that Rachel said and did racist things, like the way she spoke to and treated Sunshine.  I'm sure many viewers just went with it when Jesse St. James, who's supposed to be an awful person, said that Mercedes was lazy.  That's a very old stereotype.  I don't know what was meant by having Mercedes use African-American Vernacular English here and there in the first couple of episodes, and then dropping it.  I noticed when Santana used AAVE occasionally in later episodes, as she was immediately established as having American Standard English as her first dialect.

There are more questions about Blaine's race on "big life, small space."  I think Rachel saying that Blaine could give her "vaguely Eurasian-looking children" was meta.  It doesn't get any more clarified what it was within the context of the show, precisely why Rachel included that phrasing in her dreams of what life with Blaine would be like.  Kurt didn't contest that that would be the appearance of those fictional children.  Shane says in season three that he and Mercedes will "make beautiful cocoa babies," so there's that.  Shane was originally supposed to be a blond named Marcus, but that changed.  I don't know what exactly the powers-that-be of Glee meant by having Blaine's hair in its natural state be an Afro, either.

Dad saw a pileated woodpecker, and he pointed it out to me.  It was on a chokecherry tree in the backyard for a long time.  I'm sure the tree had tons of insects in it.

I made it to an appointment.

S. called while I was driving, which I didn't hear because I had music playing.  I wouldn't answer the phone while I was driving anyway.  I noticed he'd called when I looked at my phone when I got home, and called him back.  We talked for about twenty minutes.  He's settling back to being at school.  I caught him up with my life, which has been pretty quiet lately, so my story didn't take long.  I asked what was going on generally, but he didn't volunteer any information about M.  I'll ask him next time.  I'm sure I'll hear about it when S. gets a new boyfriend.

I went out to the roses.  One of the flowers of 'Duchesse de Brabant' is dropping petals, the second is fully blown, and there are a couple of buds showing color.  'Marchioness of Londonderry' will probably start dropping petals soon.  I don't want to feed it with autumn coming soon, but I wonder if it will have another flower.  I could deadhead it.

I'll probably start watching the third season episodes in my Glee marathon tonight.

Much later: I watched "The Purple Piano Project" and "I Am Unicorn."  Kurt did not have a good week in "I Am Unicorn."  He didn't appreciate Brittany's posters or goodie bag.  Kurt said he wanted to be known as something other than "Kurt Hummel, homo."  He eavesdropped on the directors of West Side Story, and heard them wondering if he could pass as straight.  Kurt later concluded that he couldn't.  Burt said that Kurt was "really gay," but should write his own parts in plays if there weren't parts for him.  Burt said early in the first season, in "Wheels," that Kurt was "queer as a three-dollar bill," though not in Kurt's hearing.  He was saying that Kurt shouldn't be discriminated against because of it.

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