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Sunday so far

I tried to go to sleep around 2:45 a.m. and probably fell asleep at 3:15 or 3:30.  I woke at 11:30 a.m., so presumably I got eight hours in.

It's been a pretty quiet day so far.  I went out to the roses.  'Marchioness of Londonderry' is blooming, with the flower fully blown.  'Duchesse de Brabant' has one flower fully blown, another mostly opened, and a couple of buds.  I took pictures of them and of the lantana and red geraniums in the raised bed.  I looked it up, and the 'Marchioness of Londonderry' is a Hybrid Perpetual.

I've been reading various things online.  The "Fanlore" site has some great definintions.  There's a link to it in the comments in one of stultiloquentia's posts, in which she(?) talks about some tropes in fan fiction.  I'd heard of a number of them before.  I didn't know what AMTDI was, but looked it up in Fanlore and saw that it was "Aliens Made Them Do It."  I was familiar with the concept under the spelled-out name.  I've read my share of science fiction, after all.

I wish I saw more things spelled out rather than abbreviated in my reading, so I'd get more.  Then again, I'm someone who spells out the words in text messages, which S. must think is strange.  I now believe from context that "dmab" must be "designated male at birth" and "dfab" would be "designated female at birth."  A few years ago, I was deliberately collecting autobiographies by transmen and reading about genderqueerness in general.  This time I stumbled into the world due to reading the writings of some Glee fans, and there are many more acronyms than I had ever heard of.

Long before Unique, Kurt was being called "Lady" and variations on it.  Glee has so much about gender performance.  It has the rules laid out, it has what happens when you conform to the rules, and when you break them.  Gender non-conformance is punished at McKinley.  That's why I think it's going to be bad for Unique.

Later: I watched "Rumours" and "Prom Queen."  I watched "Prom Queen" with closed captioning because in the times I've watched it before, I couldn't understand all of what Kurt said when he was crying.  Later still: I watched "Funeral" and "New York."  I'm through the second season and ready to start on the third.  I'll have to look and see how long watching two seasons relatively quickly took me.  The best part of "New York" for me was Kurt and Blaine's "I love you"s.

Biyuti's blog is gone.  I read it yesterday, so I'd read all the posts up through then, but I would have saved much more from it, because I got so much out of it.  At first for me it was getting the bakla Filipin@ view on Glee, but there were so many other posts that I thought were good and very informative.  I hope the posts go up again somewhere. 
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