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how I spent my weekend

I spent most of the weekend watching this German soap opera, Alles Was Zählt, which apparently translates as "All That Matters."  The pertinent scenes with subtitles are on YouTube under Eskimo Kiss Project (  Oh my God, the love scenes between Deniz and Roman.  The chemistry is absolutely sizzling.  The actor who plays Deniz -- his name is Igor -- is totally convincing as his character being wildly attracted to Roman.  He says he doesn't mind people thinking he's queer, as it just shows he's doing a good acting job.  That's such a great attitude.  The actor who plays Roman, who is named Dennis (I find it a bit confusing myself), is openly gay, and married to an Englishman.  The marriage is legal in Great Britain.  I have no idea what the laws for gay marriage are in Germany.

I was amazed how much German I was picking out from the dialogue, especially since Roman speaks very quickly.  I thought I knew Yiddish better than I knew German, but I've been reading a fair number of novels with Amish characters, too.  Of course, the Amish speak Pennsylvania Dutch (more properly, Deutch).  Those inspirational Amish/Mennonite romances -- yes, I read all kinds of things -- don't have characters saying "S**t," "F**k," and "A**hole," all of which I've picked up from the soap opera.

Edited to add: I picked up a German-English dictionary, to see whether some of the words I was sort of guessing on were right.  It seems that many of my guesses were correct. 

But yeah, soap opera, so it has much angst, some silly plots, completely crack dream sequences, scenes that had me laughing out loud -- the show is totally addictive.  Roman is adorable, and has such wonderful funny lines.  You just want to cuddle him when he's angsting, too.  I'm already notorious (in certain circles, anyway) for being a huge fag hag.  (In college I was known as the bisexual fag hag.)  So now not only am I a fag hag in real life, and in a literary sense, but I'm one for a TV character, too.  Well, you don't get many TV shows that have such awesome gay characters.

I did a little proofreading, too, on a short story by Julia Talbot, which seems to be the start of a series.  It was one of the cleanest proofs I've ever seen.  Well, I've previously read her work from an e-publisher which is not noted for great editing and proofreading, so I suppose that lends itself to the authors learning how to do those things themselves.  (Did that sound evil?)  She's a good writer in any case.

Honestly, I don't mind proofing a manuscript with some typos -- it makes me feel like I'm really working.  The ones with a ton of dangling participles and/or POV breaks are hard to work with.  I realize how spoiled I got with Jordan's writing, that her prose is clean and logical, and the sentences are well-constructed.  Now that I've read the early stages of a lot of other authors' work, I've learned a lot about fixing badly-constructed sentences.  (Did that sound evil, too?  Is it not mean if it's true?)  Well, at least I can do my part in making the writing better before it gets published.

Edited to add: I picked up a copy of Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation.  I'd read it before, but I wanted to have a copy at home, for reference.

I got a chance to do a bit of research, too, which was lots of fun.  Fortunately, I had some very pertinent books on the subjects.  Mostly I was just highly focused on that soap opera.  I can't believe it only took me a day to get so addicted to it, and the more I see, the more addictive it is.
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