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As I've been watching a season and a half of Glee episodes so far in quick succession, with the observations and insights of some bloggers in mind, it's very clear that Will and Finn are nowhere near as nice as they think they are. I'm more critical now. When I first saw the episodes, I thought Will was much nicer because Terri was so awful, and Sue was villainous. However, they have their own viewpoints and on certain things they make points about what Will is doing.

Finn starts out as a bully, and doesn't especially reform in some ways for a long time. He has a surface niceness sometimes, though sometimes he's just outright cruel and it's not hidden. In three seasons, he never grows up. Will doesn't grow up either. Some bloggers make the point that Will wants to be friends with the students, especially Finn. It's somewhat accidental that he creates a safe space for the New Directions students, and at times it's not all that safe.

Other students grow up in those three seasons. Kurt grows up. In some ways he has to grow up very fast, and he has his share of damage, but he goes from boy to young man. Quinn and Santana grow up to some extent, and so does Artie. Rachel doesn't grow up. Mike pretty much grows up. Blaine is partway there. He's well ahead of some of the students who graduated. He has his own kind of damage. All of the students who go to McKinley get damage from going there. Some of the kids get specific other kinds of damage as well.

Of the students still at McKinley, Artie is probably the most grown up. I'm curious to see how he leads in the fourth season. He's the one who started reading the show choir rule book. Will never actually reads it, not in three seasons, and he's the teacher. Blaine was pretty confused sometimes with Finn as the leader-in-name-only, but some of the other students believing that Finn was a leader. Blaine knew enough to get mad, though. He isn't oblivious all the time. He's really quite bright. In several situations where he figured out what was going on, like with power dynamics at school, he was angry. I believe it will be clearer in the fourth season that he's depressed. To a certain extent, anyone who goes to McKinley and knows what's going on will get depressed. That's not all of it for Blaine, though.

I'm curious to see which other students become adults emotionally. I don't think it's going to happen for Finn and Rachel. Tina is growing up. It looks like Unique may become a member of New Directions. She'll probably still be a child in some ways. She knows enough to be depressed. Unique and Blaine will most likely reflect off each other in many ways. Blaine will probably grow up more trying to protect her. Artie will be trying to protect both of them. Well, all of the other students, but Unique and Blaine are the obvious targets out of the students we know of so far.

Will not actually being a grown-up but Blaine thinking he is may hold Blaine back some, but hopefully not too much. The sooner Blaine stops listening to Will and listens to Artie, the better.

I have no idea what will happen with Brittany. Her version of what's going on is nothing like the consensual reality that Kurt and Santana and Artie had. She may stay a student at McKinley for a long time. I don't know who would be able to tutor her. The bros tutored Puck, and then Coach Beiste successfully tutored him. I think that Becky Jackson will be back. Her storylines in the third season showed that she understood what was going on much better than anyone except Sue and maybe Santana thought she did.

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