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Monday so far

I went to bed at 3:00 a.m. and got up at 11:00 a.m., so I got my eight hours in.  I went to the library and renewed the John the Lord Chamberlain books I had out.  I read the first four very quickly, but then I stalled out, though I read some of the fifth on our trip to Reading and back, after reading the beginning a week or so earlier.  I really want to finish the fifth one soon.

It was raining lightly, so I don't think I'll be taking flower pictures today.  I do want to check and see at some point how far along the buds on 'Duchesse de Brabant' are.

I watched "Grilled Cheesus" and "Duets."

Later: I watched from "The Rocky Horror Glee Show" through "Special Education."

AfterElton is having a poll of the best slash pairings.  The leaders by a huge amount are characters from a show called Teen Wolf, which I've never seen.  There's also some Avengers slash.  I had heard of X-Men slash before.  Perhaps I'll understand it when I watch the Avengers movie.

A number of other TV show pairings were mentioned.  It can't be canon relationships.  That rules Klaine out.  There have been a few votes for Kurt paired with other male characters, and a couple of votes for Sebastian and Karofsky paired with male characters aside from Kurt.  I think the only Glee slash pairings so far in the comments are ones in which at least one of the characters in the pairing is gay.  I don't think you could do that with any other show currently on the air.  There are lots of other slash pairings for Glee, or so I've heard.

There are votes for Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, and quite a number of various pairings from the Harry Potter books.  There was a Doctor/Master vote.  I think that's from Dr. Who.  Pred would be happy -- she's written in that fandom.  There are a lot of votes for characters from the TV show Supernatural, which I've heard of but not seen.  Some of them are votes for an incestuous relationship between brothers.  I don't know if AE wants to go that route.

There were a couple of suggestions of Real Person Slash.  I agreed with a commenter that that was creepy.  The powers-that-be at AE weren't sure if they'd include Real Person Slash in the couples voting, but said for people to go ahead and nominate those pairings.  I think I'll write a "No.  God, no" note to the editors saying that they shouldn't allow Real Person Slash couples.  What if the actors saw that?  That sends a horrible message.

Aside from commenting about that, I wasn't going to vote for a slash pairing.  I haven't seen most of the TV shows and movies.  However, I saw someone mention Butch and Vishous, and Qhuinn and Blaylock, and I commented seconding those.  Butch and V are the couple that should have been, and Qhuinn and Blay probably will be canon at some point.  I said that in canon Vishous was bisexual and that Vishous was the only male that Butch felt that way about.  Butch does keep telling V "we ain't dating."  They've had an intense BDSM session together, in addition to all the embraces when Vishous heals Butch and what happened when V gave Butch his blood.  I said that the Ho Yay was off the charts in that relationship.  As for the other slash-at-this-point pairing, Blaylock is gay and Qhuinn is bisexual, and they love each other despite assorted misunderstandings keeping them apart.  They'll sort it out.

It's not a secret on AE that I like certain canon gay romances.  Now I've admitted to liking a slash pairing, Butch and V.  I surprised myself and ended up voting after all.  It just took the mention of characters I was familiar with and that I already found completely plausible as a pairing and what should have happened. 
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