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Friday so far

Last night: I got tired around midnight or so, but stayed up to finish up an editing job.  I tried going to bed at two, and lay there for an hour or so.  Then I had a big post-midnight snack and finally went to sleep at some point.  I got up a little after one p.m.  I'm trying to figure out if I got eight hours in total, or if it was more or less than that.

Today: It's hot and humid today.  I went out to look at the plants in front of the porch. The flower of 'Marchioness of Londonderry' is half open.  I took pictures.  The rosebush has another small bud on it, too.

Later: I took Mom out to see 'Marchioness of Londonderry'. She likes Hybrid Tea roses, and that looks reasonably like one, though I think it's a Hybrid Perpetual. It's a lovely shade of pink.

I picked up with my Glee marathon. I knew I'd watched through "Wheels" within the last few days. "Ballad" was pretty fresh in my memory, so I figured I'd seen that fairly recently. I watched "Hairography" and "Mattress," then had to turn the TV and DVD player off because we were having a thunderstorm and the lightning strikes seemed pretty close. I turned off the computer, too. I'll probably watch "Sectionals" when the storm passes by.

Later still: Once the thunderstorm had passed, I watched "Sectionals."
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