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What I think is the first ad for the fourth season of Glee is out.  That season starts in September, so I think it's kind of early for an ad, but that is my uneducated opinion.  It has Rachel, Blaine, Kurt with Sue and a baby, and Wade "Unique" Adams.  Somewhere there are trans* Glee fans going into paroxysms of joy.  I'm pretty happy to see Unique show up again, though McKinley was a brutal place to be gay and will very likely be an even more brutal place to be transgendered.  It will probably take the bullying focus directly off Blaine, though.  I expect it will hit him pretty hard indirectly.

So Kurt presumably starts out the season in Ohio.  New Directions adds back some diversity with Unique.  When I looked at who was still there from last year, it looked like a pretty white group compared to what it had been.  With new characters, it looks like it will get more diverse again.  I'm hoping Becky will be back at McKinley for at least a couple of storylines.

I'm hoping there will be some interesting storylines for Blaine.  He's apparently never wanted to pass as straight, though he can if he wants to.  An interest in fashion from a boy is one of the signifiers at McKinley of being gay, and Blaine used that in addition to being known as Kurt's boyfriend.  Blaine's sexual orientation is well-known at the school.  The week he met Kurt in season two, he got taunted as soon as he came to McKinley to support Kurt.  Karofsky knew nothing about Blaine except that he was with Kurt.  I don't think it was at all accidental that the first thing Blaine was called there at McKinley was "ladyboy."  Kurt was repeatedly called "lady" and variations on that.  Masculinity is fiercely policed by the male students at McKinley.  That's why I think Unique will get bullied very badly and that Blaine will be a reflection for Unique in ways that have similarities to the ways he was a reflection and comparison to Kurt.

As Kurt knew all too well, McKinley was a very dangerous place to be gay.  I'm sure it's much more so to be a transgendered person of color like Unique.  Because, really, is there anywhere safe to be that?  There isn't in a toxic high school environment in small town Ohio.  Unique said she didn't have family support, either.  Hopefully Unique will get support from New Directions.  In my head, I think Blaine will give whatever support he can, but we'll see how that plays out on the show.
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