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Tonight's episode of the Glee Project had the contestants down to Aylin, Blake and Ali.  Chris Colfer was the guest mentor, and he didn't choose one homework winner, but mentored all three of them.  The Glee Project only showed a few seconds of his mentoring, but I'm sure there's more of it somewhere.

All of the other contestants came back for the episode to play background characters in a prom scene.  Blake, Ali and Aylin got to choose their own songs to sing for their final performances.  Several of the guest mentors and some of the writers were there.  The winner was Blake, who was a favorite of the regular mentors all along.  Out of all the contestants, he seemed to me to be the most a blank slate for the writers to create a character.  I don't mean that in a bad way -- I mean that they could go various directions with him.

There were a few contestants I was rooting for.  I hope they get on TV or have other performing success elsewhere.  They were a talented bunch of people, in my opinion.  Jane Lynch said that none of them stood out to her as "a young Darren Criss."  I believe some of the contestants were close to his age, which is not that old --  mid-twenties or so, I think.  Even some of the people who aren't fans of Blaine as a character praise Darren for his abilities as a performer.  I hadn't heard of him before Glee, and am not familiar with his other projects, but with my limited knowledge I am still a fan.  As is Jane Lynch, apparently.

I didn't know about the first season of the Glee Project at the time it took place.  I only heard about it once the winners and runners-up started showing up on Glee.  I'd like to be able to see it sometime.  Perhaps Oxygen will have a first season marathon sometime.  Hulu has bits and pieces of it.

I hope that Blake is easy for the Glee cast to work with.  He seemed more easygoing than some of the other contestants.  I'll be watching to see what kind of character they write for him. 

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