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Monday so far

I didn't sleep at night, but I slept some in the morning. I felt that I should get out of the house, so I'm at the pool with Mom.  I had a hard time deciding what books to bring with me to read. I ended up bringing Dark Lover, and read a bit of that.

My plan is to continue my Glee marathon tonight. I want to watch at least another couple of episodes.

S. called.  He was going to go see M.  I told him to keep me posted.

Later: I did the first editing read-through on a novella that's close to 100 pages.  It read pretty fast, considering.

Later still: I watched episodes five through nine of Glee.  I'm going at a pretty good rate.  It reminds me of watching two years worth of Verbotene Liebe clips of Christian and Olli in two months to be caught up for the Gays of Our Lives event.  Verbotene Liebe has a big cast -- twenty-four people, I think -- but it's on five days a week.  I should be done my marathon before season four of Glee starts.  It's a good reminder of what happened in canon.  The storylines for the season were set up very early.  It was also very early on that they set up what the characters are like.

I have a lot more analyses by various bloggers to draw on now for better understanding.  The characters say many things that aren't true, but if you take what they say seriously as far as them expressing themselves, there's a good amount of meaning to find.
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