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I read a very good story with an intersexed protagonist.  I got into a discussion in which I found out that what's basically the opposite of futanari stories are out there.  They're called "boy!pussy."  There's occasionally a reason for the content warning on this journal.  It involves characters with anatomically impossible genitalia, or so I've heard.  As my books on intersex conditions say, you can have a penis or a clitoris or something in between, but you can't have both a penis and a clitoris at the same time.  From what I understand, the b!p fics seem to not take that into account.  They're not about trans characters, though there are stories with trans characters out there.  It's like the difference between a "Gay for You" m/m romance that's clearly written for a female audience and a gay romance in which the characters are gay to start with that's written for a mixed or male audience.

I said that if I could suspend disbelief for vampires and werewolves and the like, I could very probably temporarily suspend disbelief for anatomies that wouldn't actually work that way.  For me it is the same kind of thing.  I can understand why other people wouldn't be able to suspend disbelief, though.  There's only so much room down there, and a certain spectrum of variations that are humanly possible.

It appears there are an amazing number of futanari stories out there, too.  I'm sure there there are books that could be written on the socio-cultural implications of it all.

I would like more stories about trans* and genderqueer and intersexed characters out there, serious and thoughtful takes on it.  I don't know how much of an audience there is, but I know there are writers who can do it well.  There's something to realism that strikes me more.
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