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Sunday so far

I went to sleep around three a.m., I think, but I slept into the afternoon.  I'm not sure what my problem was, because I shouldn't have needed that much sleep.  I still felt kind of groggy when I officially got up.

I went outside for a little while.  It was pretty nice out, warm but not terribly hot.  I took pictures of the cardinal flower, the lantana and the butterfly bush.  'Duchesse de Brabant' and 'Marchioness of Londonderry' have buds.

I thought about the kind of content I am good with or not good with in erotic romances.  I enjoy BDSM romances if the BDSM and the romance are well-written.  A couple of authors of m/m romance I came on early in my reading of the genre were James and Syd McGinley, so perhaps that's where/why I got to liking it.

I don't like books that have the protagonists together in scenes bordering on non-con -- or that go over that border.  When it goes over the border it stops being a romance to me.  I understand that many women have a fantasy of being overpowered or forced to submit, and that that fantasy has nothing to do with real life.  Those scenes that border on non-con make me uncomfortable.  Apparently stories with aphrodisiacs and the like are sometimes considered dub-con, and I really like aphrodisiac stories in general.  The way they're usually done in romances, they can be fun.  I don't necessarily mind romance scenes in which one of the characters has a somewhat altered state of consciousness, either, like a powerful soulmates bond that makes the character do things he or she wouldn't normally do.  And, depending on the set-up, I might not have a problem with scenes in which other characters could wonder if a protagonist was consenting, as long as all the protagonists are clear on the consent.

I have a low tolerance for gore.  I have a very high tolerance for fluff.  There are a number of sweet romances I like, though I think some romances can be sweet and hot at the same time.  I can take some angst if the characters have real reasons for it -- although does that still make it angst if there are legitimate reasons for it?  I prefer m/m romances in which both protagonists are gay to start with, though there are certain authors I can take "gay for you" scenarios from, if the characters seem like they were really bi-curious in the first place.

More thoughts later...
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