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Went to Barnes & Noble.  Figured out that the thing in my purse which was making the gates at the entrance beep was my sunglasses case.  Left sunglasses and case by the door while I shopped.  (They're cheap clip-ons.)  Looked again at all the Samhain books in the romance section.  Still quite pleased about that.

Went to [local independent bookstore].  They had Mahu as a staff pick, and Mahu Fire in the mystery section.  I've had the impression over the years that some of the employees there are friends of Dorothy.  In any case, I was pleased to see the books out.  In the romance section, I made a list of authors to type up for the secondhand bookstore, so the other stockers would know which books to just give me to sort and stock.  I got Crossfire by JoAnn Ross, which is the first or second one in that "High Risk" suspense series that I started reading at the third or fourth in the series.  I saw that the indy bookstore also had a couple of Samhain books, and got Go Fetch, which is an earlier book in its series than Here, Kitty, Kitty, which I'd gotten at Barnes & Noble a few days ago.  The good thing is that when I figure out the series order, I can get some of the books as PDFs.  I'm still finding getting print books right away to be much more satisfying than getting them shipped, but that's the instant gratification streak in me.  It also means that I have several books in both e-book and print, but then I can lend the print ones out.
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