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I watched Captain America.  Most of it was an extended flashback, some of it even in sepia.  I knew some of the characters from the comic books.  The comics from the World War II era were long before my time, but I had seen some origins stories.  Bucky was a teenager in the comic books.  I knew about the Red Skull, Dr. Emil Zola, and Hydra.  I don't know what happened to the original Bucky in the comic books.  Some of Captain America's World War II squad looked more like characters from Nick Fury's Howling Commandos.  The army was segregated at the time, so I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have had African-American or Asian-American characters in the squad in the original comic books.  That was history rewritten to be more inclusive.  President Truman was the one to integrate the army, and that was later.

(Added: Biyuti posted about the history rewritten inclusion in an entry of theirs.  I think they were more for having truth in movies.)

The movie had Howard Stark in the flashback part and the modern movie Nick Fury in it at the end.  Agent Carter in the movie was a woman.  I don't know if an Agent Carter existed in the comic books.  If there was an Agent Carter, he most likely would have been male.  If I am remembering correctly, in the Thor comic books, the Warriors Three were all male.  They and Heimdall were all very white, too.  So the movies have made a number of changes towards inclusivity.  Some of the comic books written at the time that the original Captain America comic books were had what we'd now think of as wildly offensive depictions of characters of color.  Attitudes were very different in the 1940s.  Not that I expected the movies to have the massive prejudice of the comic books of the 1940s, but I didn't expect the races and genders of some of the heroes to change.  I was thinking inside the box.      
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