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Tuesday so far

I got very sleepy around 1:00 a.m. last night.  I watched the Glee episodes "Michael" and "Heart" and part of "On My Way" before that.  I went to bed around 1:30 and woke at 9-something.  Or maybe it was late 8-something.  I finished watching "On My Way."

I went out to take pictures of the flowers.  The lantana is doing spectacularly.  It has dozens and dozens of florets.  The sambac jasmine is blooming again.  It seems to be very happy with hot, humid weather.  I took pictures of those.  I didn't take a picture of it today, but the 'Blaze' rose has a couple of flowers.  It could be 'Improved Blaze'.  There are a few types of 'Blaze' roses around.  I took pictures of the cardinal flower, which has five stalks of flowers and seems to be two plants now.  I took pictures of the last of the tiger lilies and of the caladium.

I paid the rest of the Firestone bill, which the Firestone folks had put on the Firestone card.  I don't regret getting the air conditioning in the car fixed or getting the car inspected, but it wasn't cheap.

I got Dad to show me how to work the DVD player in the den, and watched Iron Man.  I knew from reading various Marvel comic books that Pepper Potts was Tony Stark's assistant, and that Colonel Rhodes was an ally of his.  I also knew that Obadiah Stane was his enemy, so I expected that, and suspected there would be a battle of rival mechanized suits in there somewhere.

I believe in the original comic books Tony was in southeast Asia when it all started.  I'm pretty sure it was the Cold War at the time Iron Man originated.  (Added: I looked it up, and in the comic books, he was in Vietnam, and was captured by a Communist named Wong-Chu.  I remembered reasonably well.)  In the movie, he was in Afghanistan, and the people of the group that captured him were from a number of different nations.  Yinsen was originally Asian, but I think he turned out to be Russian(?) in the movie.  In the comic book, it was the person of color sacrificing himself to save the white man, like Biyuti talks about.

I couldn't hear all the dialogue that well, but I think his adversaries aside from Stane in the movie were called Ten Rings, which could well be a group that Iron Man fought.  They left the leader of the group alive, for the sequels.  There's no shortage of groups that want weapons. 

I don't know if Tony was quite so conflicted about making weapons in the early comic books.  I think he felt conflicted later.  I knew that at some point he was an alcoholic, which the first movie sets up.  I knew that Iron Man worked with S.H.I.E.L.D.  I didn't know the exact order of what would happen in the movie, but I knew he'd be captured and have shrapnel working its way to his heart, and that there would be more than one Iron Man suit.  So reading comic books spoiled me somewhat for developments in the movie, but not so badly that I couldn't enjoy it.

I went out again in the afternoon to smell the jasmine and take a few more pictures of the cardinal flower.  I'll probably watch Iron Man 2 as well today.

Later: I watched Iron Man 2.  There was a lot of talking, and then there were explosions.  As I thought, there were more rival suits.  Justin Hammer was in this one.  I remembered the name from the comic books.  The Black Widow and Nick Fury were introduced.  Nick Fury looked different from what he looks like in the comic books, though he still had the eyepatch.

I did an editing read-through.

Later still: I was very anxious in the evening, and I'm not sure why.  Perhaps part of it was the coffee I had in the morning, but it doesn't seem like the effects would last that long.

I feel a sense of achievement that I got a good amount of editing done today.
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