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Monday and bits of comments

We went to a pool in a county park.  Mom and I had been there a few days ago.  It wasn't that crowded.  It's very crowded on the weekends.  I got a chili cheese hot dog, which was tasty.  I figured I'd either really like it or really not like it, but I wanted to try.  I swam a little, but left my glasses on so I could see where I was going and not bump into anyone.  Swimming with your head above water takes energy.  Between swims I surfed the web on my phone and read a little bit.

In a comment on the AE meme that had the Warblers clip, I recommended Biyuti's post about the "Michael" episode of Glee.  Eagledancer picked up on it.

I talked about Sebastian and Blaine with Northboy, how Sebastian was a racist along with his other villainy and would be terrible for Blaine.  We agreed that it would make for great drama, though.

Later Monday: I texted S. to ask how things went with his financial aid for school, and he called back shortly after that to update me on how things were going in his life.  S. knows my LJ name, but I'm putting this so I remember.  He and M. have been having their ups and downs, and it's currently a down.  I observed that it seemed like M. didn't treat S. like S. was a grownup, which I've said to S. before.

(*Trigger warning for quotes of ableism*)

I read a bit further in Catherine Anderson's romance My Sunshine.  One of the protagonists had a tramatic brain injury and has some aphasia.  The protagonists' relatives were trying to matchmake.  The "hero," Isaiah, said, "'I never suspected a matchmaking scheme because my mother told me you had brain damage.  I pictured a shuffling, overweight lady with blank eyes, a lax mouth, and drool on her chin.'  He paused for a moment to let that sink in."  I paused for a moment to let that sink in, too, but for different reasons.  Isaiah continued, "Mom has tried to set me up a number of times, but never with anyone like that."

Laura takes a moment, too, then giggles, "Drool?" and says a minute later, "Not all people with brain damage are like that."

I thought about Isaiah's ableism.  I wish I could believe that later in the book Isaiah would be taken to task for that, but I strongly doubt it.  Laura didn't have a feeling of solidarity with other people with disabilities.  Not that she has to, but it was the way she rejected the idea of alliance that didn't sit particularly well with me.

(*End warning*)

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