neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Sunday so far

I went to bed not that much after one a.m. and woke at something after eleven a.m., I think. I don't really remember when I woke up.

I took pictures of the cardinal flower, the last of the tiger lilies, the lantana, and the butterfly bush. There were skippers on the lantana and the butterfly bush. Skippers are in the same family as butterflies and moths.

Mom and I were going to go to a corporate park that is deserted on Sundays, so I could try driving the new car.  Shortly after we set out, though, Mom noticed that there were gray clouds gathering to the west.  When we got to the corporate park, we saw a streak of lightning in the sky in front of us.  Mom decided to go home.  Shortly after we got home, it started pouring.  There was more lightning and thunder, and the lights flickered a couple of times.  I turned off the computer for a while.

S. called.  He was at a work picnic, then staying in [county] at his mother's house.  S. said that school started in a week and a half, and that he might stay at his mother's house until it started.  He told me about how things were going for him, and I told him about visiting J. and K. in Baltimore.

I expect A. will call sometime this evening and tell me about his weekend adventures.  He went to gay clubs in another Wisconsin city this Saturday.

Later: I talked with A. for about forty-five minutes.  The clubbing is scheduled for next weekend.  This weekend was a "Howling."  A. said it was fun.

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