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AE had that missing Warblers clip in the Saturday meme.  One reader recommended Letters from Titan.  That's where I saw the link to the clip.  There's a lot in Letters from Titan about how creepy Sebastian is.  He's racist and effeminiphobic.  He was aiming that slushie with the rock salt in it at Kurt when Blaine pushed Kurt out of the way, and he slushied Santana, so he has assaulted people.  Sebastian makes a great villain.

The deleted Warblers scene showed where Blaine and Santana started to work together.  At the time the "Michael" episode aired, Biyuti had a bit about queer people of color supporting each other.  Blaine must realize that Sebastian's a racist.  At one point, Sebastian comes over to Kurt and Blaine in the Lima Bean, and says how he recognized Blaine: "I know that hair."  There's a reflection back to that when Blaine's un-gelled hair turns out to be an Afro.  Kurt reassures Blaine in the third season prom episode when Blaine comes back to the prom with the gel washed out of his hair, that Kurt's proud of Blaine and thinks he's brave and handsome.  Blaine does not want people to see what he looks like with his hair in its natural state.

In the deleted scene, Blaine says that the Warblers performance wasn't classy.  Blaine isn't always that classy himself, but he's apparently from the upper class.  Burt is blue-collar, but Kurt dresses and speaks like he's from the upper class.  Kurt performs upper class very well.  There are interesting things on Glee around money, but the McKinley students don't seem to directly mock each other when it comes to social class.  Sebastian's one who makes it about class.  I think it's in the first season that Kurt tells another student that he smells homeless.  I've seen bloggers say that Kurt is an elitist.

Letters from Titan says that Blaine is bad at code switching.  He was one thing with the Warblers, and he's something else with New Directions.  Sometimes I wonder if Blaine knows who he is.  Kurt didn't fit in well at Dalton at first, but it was about Kurt being an individual, never that he couldn't perform upper class.  Kurt knows his own scripts.  Blaine told Kurt the script for Dalton.  At least, it was the script that was working really well for Blaine.  Blaine has a lot more issues at McKinley, and a WTF reaction to a lot that goes on there that other people there see as how things go.

Finn is the one who believes in how things should go at McKinley.  Finn's family is poor until Carole marries Burt.  Will likes Finn the best out of the New Directions students, but Will had his own things going on around money.  There are various kinds of privilege that don't have to do with money, though.  Finn knows the rules of McKinley well enough to explain them to other students.  He gets to know very well what the penalties for breaking them are.  Finn doesn't often have to check his privilege, though.  Burt is the one that does it to Finn about homophobia, in "Theatricality."

Glee has viewers check their privilege when it comes to homophobia, but when it comes to race and sexism, viewers can sometimes go with the assumptions about privilege that are Will and Finn's beliefs about privilege.  Will doesn't really like Kurt, or Artie, in the beginning.  They're still there, and they still have their own opinions.  LfT points out that Dalton isn't accessible for Artie.  This would have been a good lead up to Artie telling Sebastian to get out of his auditorium at the end of "Black or White."  Santana and Blaine talking together would have been a good lead up to "Bad," where they're working together.

When Artie wants to join the football team, and says that Kurt was on the football team, Finn says, "Being gay isn't a handicap."  So Finn kind of learned towards the end of "Theatricality," though he's too embarrassed to support Kurt until the end of "Furt."  Finn eventually grows to appreciate Artie more, but not as much as some of the other students appreciate him.  Including the deleted scene, that makes it twice in the third season that Glee said something directly about being "Temporarily Able-Bodied" and how quickly that can change.

Maybe some of Blaine's angst in the second part of the season was in realizing his privilege in being able-bodied. Various bloggers like to talk about how Blaine and Quinn parallel each other. Them both being temporarily disabled could be one of those parallels. Santana and Blaine support each other, and Santana works to help Blaine. There's the solidarity Biyuti talks about.

The deleted clips are giving fans a lot to talk about.
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