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Thursday so far

I went with Dad to his diabetes support group at the local VA.  I believe the leader of the group, L., was a nurse.  She showed us a plastic foot with rather gory examples of decubiti, also known as pressure sores.  They're called bed sores if they're from lying in a bed and not changing position often enough.  In addition to foot care and watching for neuropathy, she talked a bit about carbs.  She recommended the American Diabetes Association site,, for healthy recipes and lots of information.

We stopped at a grocery store on the way home.  When we got home, Mom wanted to go to another grocery store.  I went along.  I talked to J. for a bit.  He said he'd call back later, when I wasn't in a store.  We're supposed to go visit him and K. on Saturday.  K. wants to start the day as early as possible.  I'll see if I can sleep the night before.  I'll probably sleep in the car on the way to Baltimore.

Much later: I finished up some editing.

The powers-that-be of Glee released another cut scene, when Rachel and her bridesmaids are trying on dresses, and Quinn voices her objections to the wedding.  I had to search a bit for it.  The Klaine box scene was on most of the Tumblrs I read.  The bridesmaids scene must have been meant to be in "On My Way."  A lot happened in that episode.  I didn't feel like there were parts missing from the episode the same way I got to feeling about the box scene being missing from "Extraordinary Merry Christmas."  The end of "On My Way" was abrupt, but it was supposed to be.
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