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at the GLBT office

Met up with H. and we had a good discussion about interviewing GLBT alums of [local university].  The couple of men we've heard from so far have been goldmines of information.  One remembered the original founding of the organization in the mid-1970s, and one was there pretty much all of the years in the 1990s that I wasn't.  (He had to take some time off.)  The one from the 1990s even made us a spreadsheet of who he remembered were officers of the club during the 1990s.  We talked over some other ideas for links to put with the proposed online scrapbook.  We found where the library had videotapes of important GLBT events, speakers and panels at [local university].

After H. and M. left, hung out for a while with S. as various other people came and went.  J. was busy working over at the other computer.  Talked with S. about work, among other things.  I told him that some of the authors use Ken dolls to help with positioning, and that he could look on Jade Buchanan's website.  Apparently, the pictures are on her Live Journal.  S. said he'd look at them if he needed to be cheered up sometime.  I had him go to the Changeling website to show him those of her stories I'd proofread.  "See, this is the one with the lion-man and the tiger-man..."
     "There's one with a regular human.  Can they reproduce with the cat-people?" S. asked.
     "Yes.  Yes, they can."  I should have added that several of the stories were m/m or m/m/m, but I suppose he could more or less tell that.  "And this is the series with the twin brother Shire horse shapeshifters..."  D. and K. had been playing cool, but at that, they both came over to look over our shoulders.  D. had been trying so hard to pretend he really wasn't that curious.
     "Wouldn't that be bestiality?" K. asked.
     I should have thought of a more clever answer than, "Not really."  I'll think of something clever later tonight, and wish that's what I'd said.
     "Well, isn't that kind of incestuous?"
     "It isn't technically 'twincest,'" I said, using fingerquotes.
     "Close enough." 
     After rambling for a bit, I said how sometimes I love my job and sometimes it's hard on the brain.  It can be the same story, too.

I showed S. the "Kris n' Good Books" blog -- -- somewhere along the line.  I'd recommended "The Naughty Bits" ( to him the other week.  After I got home, I sent him the link for this German soap opera video clip,, which someone on the m/m romance fans Yahoo group recommended for the shower scene.  Steamy indeed.  Talk about chemistry.  I know I'm totally going to get sucked into watching a German soap opera for the m/m romance.  Edited to add: already addicted to the soap opera, damn it.
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